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Canadian Grocers Continue To Supply Portfolio Food

The Canadian Grocers have some of the strongest SCTR rankings in Canada right now. A quick run through the charts show us some pretty interesting stuff.

Here is George Weston (WN.TO). The SCTR is soaring and the two-year consolidation appears to be well behind it.

Here is Metro. (MRU.TO). Metro had a stunningly good chart in place until July 2016. After a 9-month correction, Metro looks to be on the move again. 

Loblaws (L.TO) continues to work. This breakout from a 2-year consolidation is great!

Empire EMP/A.TO. Canadian brands include Sobeys and Safeway. After the Safeway purchase, the stock had been in a downtrending move which cut the stock price in half. With a new CEO, the stock has been rebounding.

Here is North West Co. Ltd. (NWC.TO). They have brands like Giant Tiger, Northern, North Mart.

I particularly like when a whole industry segment is moving. All of these companies (5 of 5 in the industry group) have SCTR rankings above 75. These charts look good. I do own a company in the list above just for full disclosure.

Good trading,
Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA.

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