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Don't Blame Us - $DFX, $MXZ, $RXS, $SHX, $XCM, $XEX Dropped By Nasdaq

Nasdaq recently dropped six popular industry indexes for no reason.  We had no choice but to drop them from our system as well.  We apologize for whatever inconvenience that caused.

Depressingly, this kind of thing is becoming more and more common.  

Here's the announcement from Nasdaq:

Do you see any actual reason given?  Neither do I.  And here's the kicker: Later this year - as they always do - Nasdaq will send me a letter telling me that they have "improved" things soooo much, that they need to raise prices... yet again... like they do every year.  And then a little while after that, they will announce yet another dividend to go with more record profits.  Here's their chart:

Yeah, that looks like a company that needs to cut back on services.

It really must be nice to have a monopoly.

- Chip 


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