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More Control for "Volume by Price" Overlays

We've just added a parameter to our "Volume by Price" overlay - it didn't have any before now - that allows you to set the number of horizontal histogram bars on the overlay.

In case you haven't used it before, the Volume by Price overlay is a collection of horizontal histogram bars that show you how much volume has accumulated at different price levels on your chart.  It is great for finding and confirming support/resistance zones.

Here's a traditional, "old-school" Volume by Price chart:

(Yes, you can click on the chart to see a live version.)

Note that there are 12 histogram bars stacked vertically on the chart.  If you scan over the to right edge, you'll see that the upper most bar happened around the 310-320 area - hard to be more precise with this view.

Now, here's an example with 24 histogram bars:

Notice how the upper-most peak has been narrowed down to the 315-318 area.

And, for the crazies out there, here's one with 100 histogram bars:

Definitely not recommended but... what the heck?  Go nuts.

- Chip


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Thank You. This will be a great help in finding high volume support/resistance levels. I love it.
Great Addition for us Volume Analysis folks. just keeps getting better and better. You guys Rock!
Another great addition!
One more reason why this is my favorite website :)
Keep rocking!
Nice Improvement. THANKS!
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