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Existing Loyalty Program Coming to an End

March 1st UPDATE: Our current Loyalty Program has now ended.

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Due to upcoming changes in how we provide our services, we will no longer be able to support our existing loyalty program.  Starting on March 1st, the existing loyalty program will end.  We encourage all of our existing members to renew their accounts using their 2016 loyalty coupon before March 1st.

We are working on designing a new loyalty program that we hope to roll out later this year however before we can do that, we have  to complete a more fundamental change to our pricing model.

The Long Version:

Since was founded back in 1999, we have been champions of a "bundled" pricing model.  We have automatically included the fees charged by the various data exchanges in the price of our service.  We provide different service levels at different prices to accomodate some of the variation between exchanges, but we have deliberately kept the number of choices low in order to simplify the sign-up process.

Unfortunately, during the 16 years that we've had a subscription service, the various exchanges and index publishers have radically changed how they charge for data.  Once a year (sometimes more) they have increased their fees.  Lots of index and breadth data that used to be free now costs additional money.  And, as we branch out into international markets, new exchanges have added additional requirements/fees that need to be paid.

Until now, has absorbed most of those additional costs.  We have only increased our prices once - for our ExtraRT customers - back in 2011.  Unfortunately, the data providers seem intent on breaking our bundled pricing model by continually raising prices.   As they have done that, StockCharts has been essentially subsidizing those additional costs for many members.  Unfortunately, we are no longer able to do that and we are now forced to make a change.

Over the next couple of months, we will be moving to an "unbundled" pricing model.  We will be splitting out the exchange fees from the cost of our service and charging seperately for each.  Depending on how you use our service and what kind of data you need, this change may result in a higher overall cost for some and a lower overall cost for others.  I will have specific details about those cost changes for you as soon as we finalize them.

A side benefit of this change is that it will allow us to add more data options to our site over time including futures data, options data, and more international data from exchanges in Australia, Europe, China and Japan.

Currently, we are putting the finishing touches on a system that will give you complete control over the kinds of data you need and how much it will cost.  As part of these changes, we have come to the conclusion that our current loyalty program cannot continue in its current form which is why we will be discontinuing it at the start of March.

Finally, just because we are discontinuing this version of our loyalty program doesn't mean that we don't appreciate the loyalty you have shown us over the years.  We really, really, really (really!) do.  We realize that we have the best group of customers on the Internet and we will continue to do everything we can to improve our website and reward your faith in us.  THANK YOU!!

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming pricing changes!
- Chip


P.S.  If you have completed the Certified ChartWatchers Exam:
By completing the exam, you qualified for a doubling of your loyalty discount.  On March 1st, we will convert that benefit into a permanent 50% off coupon for all items on our online bookstore.


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