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Existing Loyalty Program Coming to an End

March 1st UPDATE: Our current Loyalty Program has now ended.

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Due to upcoming changes in how we provide our services, we will no longer be able to support our existing loyalty program.  Starting on March 1st, the existing loyalty program will end.  We encourage all of our existing members to renew their accounts using their 2016 loyalty coupon before March 1st.

We are working on designing a new loyalty program that we hope to roll out later this year however before we can do that, we have  to complete a more fundamental change to our pricing model.

The Long Version:

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New Blogs, New Webinars and New Schedules!

First off, what do you think about the new look for our blogs?  We are moving to a "cleaner" look that works better on mobile devices and still prints well.  Currently, the new look is only available on a couple of our many blogs.  Over the next couple of weeks, we'll migrate all of the blogs over to this new design.  Please let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

Second off, thanks to everyone that participated in our recent webinar surveys.  Your feedback was invaluable.  Congrats to Thomas Wycker, the random survey participant whose name was drawn - he has won three free months of StockCharts service!

The results of the survey were eye opening to everyone here.  They underscored to us the fact that we have (at least) two distinct audiences -  active traders that watch the market throughout each trading day and evening traders that have day jobs and limited amounts of time after work to devote to stock analysis.  We need webinars that target each of those groups better.

In addition, we discovered several other issues that people wanted us to address:

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My (Current) Custom GalleryView Chart Settings

During last Saturday's webinar, I talked about how I customize my version of GalleryView by using three different ChartStyles.

GalleryView is our tool for looking at the same symbol using several different timeframes.  The default settings are fine, but StockCharts members can customize things using ChartStyles as shown below.

Here are the three ChartStyles that I am (currently) using for my GalleryView:




If you want to copy my settings for your own GalleryView, simply click on each of the charts above and then save them as ChartStyles with the appropriate corresponding name - e.g., "GalleryIntraday" for the first one, "GalleryDaily" for the middle one, and "GalleryWeekly" for the last one.

Important Note:  Do not type any spaces between the two words in each ChartStyle's name.

- Chip

More Power Mr. Scott! What Happened This Morning and What We Are Doing About It

Ever have a power outage that wasn't a power outage?   Me neither, at least not until this morning at 8:16am (5:16am Pacific time).  At that moment, for reasons that have not been explained, there was a local power outage here in the north side of Redmond that only affected "large" equipment like chillers, air conditioning units and server rooms.   Basically, the stuff that we use here to keep working (of course!).

As we learned later, the outage only affected one of the three "phases" of power going to all of the buildings in our area.  What that meant was that all of the regular things that normal humans use like lights and laptop computers and coffee machines, etc. still worked fine - because they only use one or two of the "power phases" in the building.  This situation led to a TON of confusion.

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Announcing the "Perfect Head & Shoulders Example" Contest!

Greg Morris and I are on the hunt and we are hunting rare, exotic game that is elusive, difficult to spot and even harder to capture - chart patterns.   Not just any chart patterns either.  Not your run of the mill Double Top or Rounding Bottom pattern for us.  No sir.  We are hunting the legendary "Perfect" Head and Shoulders Reversal.  Now, before you scoff, note that I said "Perfect."   By "Perfect" I mean "Edwards & Magee" perfect.   The gold standard of H&S reversals.  Pure not only in its symmetry and in its predictive outcome, but also - and this is super important - in its VOLUME pattern.  Volume should be highest at the left shoulder and diminish throughout the pattern with smaller peaks at the head and right shoulder.

I'm talking about a Head & Shoulders reversal that meet ALL the criteria set out in our ChartSchool article and that actually looks BETTER than the examples we have in that article.

Do you think you can help us in our hunt - our sacred quest?  Terrific!  Greg and I are actually sick of hunting and have decided to turn this into a beauty contest instead.  Here's how it works:

1.) Find examples of the "Perfect" H&S pattern on daily and/or weekly charts.  Make sure it meets all of the criteria in our ChartSchool article.  (Sorry, $THHS doesn't count.)

2.) Pick the best 2 examples you can find and email the "Linkable Version" links for their charts to "contest at"

3.) In one week, Greg and I will review all of the entries and select the one that we think is the most "Perfect".  If we select the pattern you submitted, you will receive THREE FREE MONTHS OF SERVICE!  (dun, dun, DUN!)

Let the hunting begin!

New Built-In ChartStyles Featuring Our Top Contributors' Favorite Settings

After 13+ years, we've finally gotten around to updating our Predefined ChartStyles.  These are the styles that members see at the bottom of the ChartStyles dropdown on the SharpCharts workbench.  They are always available regardless of what other styles you've stored in your account.  We use to have 5 styles that were all rather limited in their look and capabilities.  Now we have ten updated styles that you can use to quickly analyze stocks using whichever style you prefer.  Below are all of the new styles using Ford (F) as the example stock.

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Don't Blame Us - $DFX, $MXZ, $RXS, $SHX, $XCM, $XEX Dropped By Nasdaq

Nasdaq recently dropped six popular industry indexes for no reason.  We had no choice but to drop them from our system as well.  We apologize for whatever inconvenience that caused.

Depressingly, this kind of thing is becoming more and more common.  

Here's the announcement from Nasdaq:

Do you see any actual reason given?  Neither do I.  And here's the kicker: Later this year - as they always do - Nasdaq will send me a letter telling me that they have "improved" things soooo much, that they need to raise prices... yet again... like they do every year.  And then a little while after that, they will announce yet another dividend to go with more record profits.  Here's their chart:

Yeah, that looks like a company that needs to cut back on services.

It really must be nice to have a monopoly.

- Chip 

More Control for "Volume by Price" Overlays

We've just added a parameter to our "Volume by Price" overlay - it didn't have any before now - that allows you to set the number of horizontal histogram bars on the overlay.

In case you haven't used it before, the Volume by Price overlay is a collection of horizontal histogram bars that show you how much volume has accumulated at different price levels on your chart.  It is great for finding and confirming support/resistance zones.

Here's a traditional, "old-school" Volume by Price chart:

(Yes, you can click on the chart to see a live version.)

Note that there are 12 histogram bars stacked vertically on the chart.  If you scan over the to right edge, you'll see that the upper most bar happened around the 310-320 area - hard to be more precise with this view.

Now, here's an example with 24 histogram bars:

Notice how the upper-most peak has been narrowed down to the 315-318 area.

And, for the crazies out there, here's one with 100 histogram bars:

Definitely not recommended but... what the heck?  Go nuts.

- Chip

Investors Intelligence Sentiment Data No Longer Available

Investors Intelligence has requested that we remove their weekly sentiment data from our website and we will comply with their request later this weekend.  The two ticker symbols involved - !IIBULL and !IIBEAR - will no longer be available after that time.  Any saved charts that use either of those symbols as their primary symbol will be removed from the website.  We apologize for whatever inconvenience this change causes.

- Chip