Dollar Greening Up - IT Trend Model BUY Signal and Inverse H&S

On Friday, Gold minted a new IT Trend Model Neutral signal, so it isn't surprising to see the opposite occur for the Dollar. Looking at the chart of UUP, there are plenty of bullish characteristics. This new IT Trend Model BUY signal is a great confirmation of the very bullish reverse head and shoulders pattern that has formed.

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New PMO SELL Signal on Small-Cap ETFs, IJR and IWM

The short-term rally in large-cap indexes like the SPX, OEX and INDU was not contagious for the S&P 600 or Russell 2000. Below I've annotated their associated ETFs, IJR and IWM to show you the new PMO SELL signals. Although these SELL signals arrived today, a look at the charts suggests that these signals will whipsaw back to BUY signals.

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DP Alert: Is the Rally Exhausted? - PMO BUY Signal on Bonds

Teflon rally, perma-rally, overbought rally, irrational exuberance...whatever you call it, our indicators are suggesting at a least pause in the action, if not a pullback. Looking at the DP Scoreboards, we see all green arrows (buy signals) except for the IT PMO signal on the NDX. Although the NDX's weekly PMO is rising, the margin remains somewhat wide between it and its signal line as you can see in the weekly chart of the NDX below.

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DP Weekly Wrap: Parabolic Neutralized

Last week I identified a short-term parabolic advance, a pattern in which price advances in an ever-steepening upward curve. Typically parabolics become too steep and they collapse. In this case price moved sideways through the curve, effectively neutralizing the bearish implications of the formation. We currently have a small rising flag formed by this week's price bars, which is bullish, but we need to look at the broader picture.

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Put/Call Ratios At Simultaneous Lows - Bearish for the Market

A MarketWatchers LIVE viewer emailed me today and suggested I revisit the Put/Call Ratio chart. Upon recommendation, I did just that and was glad that he pointed it out to me so that I could point it out to you. I'll be talking about it in more detail during tomorrow's MarketWatchers LIVE show, so be sure to join Tom and I at 12:00p - 1:30p EST or catch the latest episode on our webinars page.

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Gold Narrowly Avoids IT Trend Model Neutral but Not Out of the Woods

Carl and I have been watching the Gold chart carefully for a likely Intermediate-Term Trend Model (ITTM) Neutral Signal. However, with the rally of the last two days, both the 20-EMA and 50-EMA have slowed their descent. A negative 20/50-EMA crossover will trigger that ITTM Neutral signal. Why not a SELL signal? If the 50-EMA is still above the 200-EMA, we're looking at a LT bullish trend and we choose to move to a neutral signal (cash or fully hedged) rather than make a bearish short during a bullish LT trend.

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DP Alert: Market Rally Pop, No Follow-Through

No changes to the DP Scoreboards today, but you can see that every signal is a BUY signal except the IT PMO signal on the NDX. Check out my ChartWatchers article to learn more about why that is the case. Ultra-short-term indicators had pointed to a possible "rally pop" today, which we received on the open. However, there wasn't any follow-through.

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DP Weekly Wrap: Impervious Rally

I awoke Monday morning to news of the outrage that had taken place in Las Vegas the night before, and I experienced the now all-to-familiar feelings of weariness at the state of the world. There has been enough rehash of this terrible event, and my purpose of mentioning it was not further intrude on your peace of mind. There is a lesson to be learned here about how the market reacts to catastrophic events. Many of the financial commentators were truly amazed that the market didn't seem to be fazed by the horror that had transpired. In fact, the market rallied every day except Friday. The reason is simple: The market is a sociopath and has no empathy whatsoever regarding anything that does not directly affect it. An extreme example of this is the Bhola Cyclone that struck East Pakistan on November 12, 1970, eventually causing the death of about 500,000 people. It doesn't get much more horrific than that, but the chart below shows that the S&P 500 lost only -2.6% in a week, then it rallied into the year's end. Obviously, markets in Pakistan would have reacted negatively.

I could go much more deeply into this subject, but my purpose is just to get you thinking about the kinds of news events that are important to the market, and those that are not. How we personally feel about news is irrelevant, because the market probably has an entirely different point of view.

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