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November 2017

Buffett-isms and Bezos-isms: Great Investing Insights

“Rule #1:  Never lose Money.”
“Rule #2:  Never forget Rule #1.”
                                     —Warren Buffett

Sure, a lot of investors dissect every word that Warren Buffett writes in the annual report for Berkshire Hathaway.  For years, these Buffett-isms have provided investors with profitable insights.  In a similar vein, I found that the letter Jeff Bezos wrote recently to his shareholders was  also full of pithy insights.   

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Charts I'm Stalking: Action Practice #22

A note to my readers: It is with great pride that I have written The Traders Journal blog every week since 2012 — 52 weeks a year. I am deeply grateful for the support and loyal following of all my readers throughout that time. However, I must announce that today marks the end of my writing blogs on a weekly basis. From here on and with Grayson’s help, I will publish blogs on the more leisurely schedule of once every two weeks.

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