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Charts I'm Stalking: Action Practice #24

                                    Put a man on a bicycle and he’ll surprise you.
                                    Put a man on a machine and he’ll amaze you.
                                    Teach him asset allocation and he’ll electrify you!

Due to the unusual number of new subscribers who read my Traders Journal blog about Asset Allocation, I’ve decided to break protocol and write two Action Sequence blogs in a row.

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Charts I'm Stalking: Action Practice #23

With 25 years under his belt at Morningstar, Russel Kinnel, Director of Manager Research, has certainly earned my respect.  So my radar went up when he wrote a column entitled “Lessons Learned.”  Considering that Kinnel has been a keen observer of individual investor behavior for a generation, I believe all of us can profit by heeding his wisdom.

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Buffett-isms and Bezos-isms: Great Investing Insights

“Rule #1:  Never lose Money.”
“Rule #2:  Never forget Rule #1.”
                                     —Warren Buffett

Sure, a lot of investors dissect every word that Warren Buffett writes in the annual report for Berkshire Hathaway.  For years, these Buffett-isms have provided investors with profitable insights.  In a similar vein, I found that the letter Jeff Bezos wrote recently to his shareholders was  also full of pithy insights.   

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Charts I'm Stalking: Action Practice #22

A note to my readers: It is with great pride that I have written The Traders Journal blog every week since 2012 — 52 weeks a year. I am deeply grateful for the support and loyal following of all my readers throughout that time. However, I must announce that today marks the end of my writing blogs on a weekly basis. From here on and with Grayson’s help, I will publish blogs on the more leisurely schedule of once every two weeks.

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NEW ChartPack Updates (Q3, 2017) with Actionable Info and Major Additions!

When is the last time someone offered to give you a couple hundred hours of “time”?  We are here to do precisely that!  You’ve all heard the cliche that “even the richest man has only the same 24 hours in a day as the poorest man.”  Regardless of what kind of investor you might be, we guarantee two things:

1. To be the very best investor you can be, you need to carefully assemble a portfolio of ChartLists to facilitate your asset allocation, money management, market analysis, routines, stalking, buying, monitoring and selling disciplines.

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3 Investors, 3 Blind Spots, 3 Solutions

Picture this:  I am at a cocktail party chatting with three people about investing.  The first person says, “I could be a really successful investor if only I could emotionally tolerate a bit more risk.”  The second person claims, “I could be a world-class investor too if I had access to the same information as big institutional investors.”  The third person believes that his market timing model is the last missing element holding him back from consistent profitability.  I have known all three of these part-time investors for well over a decade.  I’ll try to be gentle just in case any of them read this blog.  If they do, label it “tough love”. 

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Here's How You Build a Super Bowl Champion Portfolio (Hint: Pick Your Correlations Carefully)

Imagine a football coach who has the best eleven quarterbacks in the NFL altogether on the same team and puts them on field at the same time.  This “dream team” would get clobbered. Without tight ends, tackles, guards, wide receivers and a center there to present a balanced attack, there would be no hope of victory. So why do so many investors build a team of assets that does precisely the equivalent of a team with 11 quarterbacks? With this sports analogy and some further elaboration, I’ll prove to you the importance of diversification and strategic correlations.

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Do Investors Love Their Children Too?

The Public Relations industry has crisis simulation firms that actually come into corporations and compress a hypothetical month-long disaster into a few stressful hours in order to see how management responds. I’d like to do something similar, but in the family financial arena with parents and children. Sadly, however, I don’t think many parents would hire me. 

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Investor Seminar Season: Can The Speakers Walk the Talk?

I attend investment seminars as half-monk, half-hit man.  My time is a precious commodity, so if you are a speaker and see me in the audience, be prepared.  My hot button is when speakers show a few elaborate slides, “share” their four favorite tenets to successful investing and then launch directly into their marketing pitch.  They act as if they’ve given you the keys to the kingdom, proving their brilliance and justifying your attention. And those four tenets are invariably the same:

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How History Unlocks Deep Insights Within Today's Price and Volume Charts

History matters because markets do indeed repeat themselves.  John Kenneth Galbraith was interviewed in the PBS documentary, The Crash of 1929, and he observed that every   30 years or so we predictably have a major market correction because that seems to be the length of time it takes each generation to forget the lessons of the previous generation.

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