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Getting Help With Scans

Scanning is as much art as it is science and it will take practice to get comfortable with it. The best way to learn is to experiment as much as possible. You can find many ways to accomplish the same general task with slightly different results. However, if you are having problems, we have many resources that may help.

Online Resources

Contacting Support

If you still are having problems, you can contact our Support Team. While the Support Team can't write your scan for you, they may be able to assist if you can't get past a particular problem. When opening a support request, provide the following information:

The faster the support team can understand exactly what you have tried and what the problem is, the faster you are likely to get a resolution.


The Scan Engine is one of the most powerful tools available at StockCharts. Learning the nuances of scanning as it relates to your investment objectives does take a bit of time. However, the time you will save in the long run by finding more winners quickly will vastly outweigh the time spent learning. The key to becoming an expert scanner is to continue to experiment with different ways of finding your best leads.

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