How do I bookmark a chart?

How do I bookmark a chart?

As a free user or a paying user bookmarking a chart can be a helpful feature to learn. It allows for quick access to your chart as well as the ability to save charts that you create. Please follow these steps to learn how to bookmark a chart to your browser's “favorites”.

Create your SharpChart

The first step is to create a SharpChart that contains the attributes, overlays, and indicators that you want. To learn about how to create SharpCharts please refer to our SharpCharts documentation.

Before you can bookmark a chart to your browser's “favorites” you first have to click “Permalink” and and click the “Reload with link” button. When you click “Permalink”, we store a detailed description of your chart in our database and give you back a web address with a “P number” (for example “P123456”). Web addresses with “P numbers” can be bookmarked safely. If you forget this step before storing a chart in your browser's favorites, you will see our default $INDU chart when you click your bookmark.

Please see the red arrow to see where “Permalink” is located at on the SharpChart.

Bookmarking the chart in Firefox

After you have clicked “Permalink” and your URL contains a “P” number you can now bookmark the URL for your chart. If you are using Firefox to Bookmark a chart, please click the “Bookmarks” tab on the browser ticker bar and click “Bookmark this page”. (red box).

Once “Bookmark this page” has been selected a popup will appear that says “Page Bookmarked” (see image below) and you can edit the Name of the chart (#1), the folder to save it to (#2), and add a tag (#3). When the box is filled out, click Done.

To access the bookmarked chart in the future, please go to the “Bookmarks” tab and locate your saved chart.

Bookmarking the chart in Internet Explorer

To Bookmark your chart in Internet Explorer you will follow all of the same steps as you do with Firefox except when you are ready to save the URL after you click “Permalink” you will want to click “Favorites” on the I.E toolbar and select “Add to Favorites” (red box).

The “Add a Favorite” box will appear (see below) and you can edit the Name of the chart (#1), select the folder to save it (#2), as well as create a new folder (#3). When you are ready to save, click “add”.

To access your saved chart in the future please go to “Favorites” on the toolbar and locate your chart.