Predefined Scan Results

Predefined Scan Results

Our Scan Engine searches our entire database for symbols that meet whatever technical criteria you specify. This process is called “scanning,” “searching” or “screening.”

The Predefined Scan Results page contains the results from roughly 80 technical scans designed by The scan results are updated every few minutes during the trading day.

The scan results are broken out into three sections in the report: Technical Indicators, Candlestick Patterns and Point and Figure Patterns. Each section is further split into bullish and bearish patterns.

In general, the Predefined Scans are relatively simple examples of what our Scan Engine can do. StockCharts Members can use the Scan Engine to create custom scans with much more complexity.

Accessing the Predefined Scans Report

You can get to the Predefined Scans page from the 'Scan Center' area of the Members Dashboard, or from the 'Additional Tools & Reports' area on the Free Charts page.

Parts of the Predefined Scans Report

In the table above, the left column contains the total number of results for that scan. The colored bar shows how that number has changed from the previous day - green means there are more results than yesterday, red means there are fewer results. If you hover the mouse cursor over the colored bar, it will display how many more or fewer results there are today vs. the previous day:

The columns on the right side of the table show the results broken down by exchange and mutual funds. Clicking on the number of results will take you to a page showing the specific results of that scan.

You can view results from the previous 5 trading days by selecting a different timeframe from the “Select a Different Scan Report” dropdown list in the upper right corner of the page.

The Symbol Search feature also searches the Predefined Scan Results for any scans that contain a particular symbol.

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