- Forest from the trees [Swing trading focus on NASDAQ Composite Indicators]

Samuel Jones

(Jan 4) Many 'interesting Energy bets' (21-30) highlighted Sept 22 are HOT now.
(Nov 28) A drop to 6,690 would only be 3.2%.
(Oct 23) FSLR (#29) may be breaking out... watching FSLR closely along with SPH (#30)
(Sept 22) Some interesting Energy bets for the long haul (21-30).

Charts 1-10; NASDAQ indicators and related ETF's with the intent to identify intermediate term general market direction.
Charts 11-20 other indexes and a few high beta tech equities positioned to make dramatic positive returns on upswings.
Charts 21 to 30 Interesting Energy plays.
Charts 31 and up .... Looking for medium term swing trades.

01. Nasdaq Composite: Short-term Hourly Chart


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