A - Xtreme Edge ETF List

Alan Wolman

This list exhibits where/when various indicators reach statistical extremes. Indicators monitored include: accumulation days, distribution days, money flow, equity and total volume put/call ratios, and Trin.

Extremes are noted on daily and hourly charts. The numbers indicate how many extremes are reached over a 3 day period. For example, 7x3 means indicators were extreme 7 times over 3 days over 3 different etf's. (i.e. dia, udow, sdow). 5 extremes over 3 days is noted; 10 or above is seriously statistically significant.

Otherwise, extremes are indicated by letters: TR=trin, ISE= ISE PC, PCE=total put/call.

1 - EXAMPLE - UGLD - 12/14/16 - daily


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