A - Xtreme Edge ETF List

Alan Wolman

2/9/18 - new oversold extremes in erx and yinn

1st Extreme Registered:(prices may, but usually do not, reverse at the 1st extreme):
This list monitors a basket of etf's to identify tradable extremes. The sole objective is to spot situations when the intensity of flow of funds into a group of etf's reach levels that have historically resulted in tradable turning points. We measure for money flow and accumulation/distribution extremes on 3 different etf's per market (for example - DIA, UDOW, and SDOW).

An extreme develops as values for money flow and/or accumulation/distribution cumulate beyond certain thresholds. Each ETF can reach an extreme in either money flow, acc/dist, or both. Since Oct 2015, prices moved lower (or higher) than the 1st day of extreme in 88% of cases (58% within 1st 5 days). This suggests an advantage in scaling into a trade over a few days.

Extremes occur in 2 ways:

1) a running count of 5 individual extremes confirmed by at least 2 etfs. For example, 7x3 would be 7 extremes over 3 days with all 3 etf's at extremes.

2) a count of at least 9 accumulation or distribution days on one etf, with at least one other etf at extremes. This would be indicated at (for example) - 10/2

1st extremes can be but do not always mark the peak; it is normal for peaks to occur after 2 or 3 have occurred. The absolute peak extreme can be 18x3 so seeing numbers in the teens is usually near the end of a move.

1005 EDC (EEM, EDC, EDZ) - Current Daily

1/26/18 - extremes peak at 12x3
1/23/18 - 11x3
1/18/18 - 5x2 - 1st overbought extreme

1005.5 EDC (EEM, EDC, EDZ) - Current Hourly

1006 FAS (XLF, FAS, FAZ) - Current Daily

1/29/18 - extremes peak at 9x3
1/23/18 - 6x2
1/17/18 - 1st overbought extrme

1006.5 FAS (XLF, FAS, FAZ) - Current Hourly

1007 LABU - (XBI, LABU, LABD) Current Daily

11/14/17 - 2nd extrme; substantially oversold
11/917 - 1st extreme oversold
8/21/17 - 6 extremes on 2 etf's (oversold)
6/23/17 - 6 extremes on 3 etf's (overbought)

1007.7 LABU - Current Hourly

1008 - SOXL - (SMH, SOXL, SOXS)

11/24/17 - 6x2
10/24/17 - count at 8x3 & 10/1
10/10/17 - 1st extreme at 5 extremes on 2 etf's
6/8/17 - 6 extremes on 3 etf's

1008.8 - SOXL - Current Hourly

1009 BRZU - (EWZ, BRZU, BZQ) Current Daily

1/22/18 - peak extremes at 15x3; 10/2
1/9/18 - 15x3 & 10/2 very stretched
1/4/18 - 1st overbought extreme

1009.5 BRZU - (EWZ, BRZU, BZQ) Current Hourly

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