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Larry Klose

ETF Charts - Daily Price Percent Oscillator(50,200) Buy/Sell Signals

Bullish momentum signals
1. Bullish momentum signals are annotated by solid green vertical lines.
2. The signal occurs when the daily PPO(50,200) oscillator crosses above +2.
3. This signal tends to be late. See notes 6 to 9.

Bearish momentum signals.
4. Bearish momentum signals are annotated by red vertical lines.
5. The signal occurs when the daily PPO oscillator cross below -2.

Times to Buy and Sell ETFs
6. Sell signal occurs when the PPO drops below a -2.
7. Bear market is denoted by a red rectangle box.
8. Buy when the PPO has reached extreme low.
9. Bear market bottoms denoted by green oval/circle.

10. Purple line is a 130 day exponential moving average (EMA).
11. Percent gains and losses during bullish and bearish periods. (red and green %)
12. The number in parentheses in the name is the approximate number of securities held in the ETF.
13. A gold vertical line signals the beginning of major bull market.

Equity - Exchg - NASD 100 Core /$ PowerShares ETF (108)


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