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April 16th 9:20P Update: Target on $SPX hit @ 1854 on the 30m chart and then kept going a little. When bullish patterns start triggering and completing, that's usually a bullish sign in itself - meaning that often leads to more bullish patterns triggering and completing. Indicators are still mixed on the $SPX, tho. My preference is to switch gears a little and trade things that aren't having mixed signals....some ideas include DVY, XLE, and XLU. I'm in DVY (and IVE), but really anything somewhat boring with a value tilt that pays a dividend is fine. I plan on taking some profits this week as I'm anticipating more tree shaking (and pullbacks). Bonds are still strong which is somewhat surprising to me. GDX can't seem to catch a bid but price is stalling out in a diamond pattern on the 30m (I took a stop in DUST today to lock in profits). No idea which way it will break, but the diamond should break tomorrow. Good luck all.



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