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Aug 1st 7:21A Update: Well, at least it's not boring any more! I came into this week with lots of cash and I bought dips to S2 pivot yesterday in $SPX and EWC (probably too early). Since $SPX closed <50d SMA, I can't buy any more (trying to stick to rules). EWC is still fair game, tho. Longer-term indicators suggest that we're oversold, but we still could put it in a lower low. So, depending on your time horizon, you could play short for a possible lower low. or start nibbling long in stocks/ETF that can hold the 50d since historically we tend to bounce from extreme O/S levels. Good luck all. July 3rd 8:20P Update: I'm mostly on vacation this week and the market is doing well which makes it easy. We're grinding higher on low volume on the march towards S&P 2000. I'm taking profits and raising cash, but still long. Once we hit 2000, I'll probably book more gains and look for a dip to add back long again. There's a wide range of stocks + sectors that are working - even gold miners are getting a bid. Good luck all.



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