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Feb 21st 9:15A Update: Big move the last 2 weeks as we climbed the wall of worry about Greece. For my own trading, I took mostly runners into the Greece news because I didn't have a good feel for just how foolish the Euro politicians could be. A better bet would have been that they would kick the can down the road and avoid any tough choices. That seems like the best bet every time - no matter which country. It's hard to just trade price action when you get whipped around by every ridiculous headline coming out of Greece (or Washington or whatever), but that's probably the best option, i.e., ignore the news + trade price (even if it's whippy). OK, so what's working? Tech (QQQ, XLK, FDN, HACK), Japan (EWJ, DXJ), Industrials (XLI, ITA), Growth (IWF, FV), and Healthcare (XLV, IHF). What's not working so well? Yield (XLU, IYR, TLT), Commodities (oil, gold). In general, I expect leaders to continue leading and laggers to continue lagging......until the trend reverses, I try to bet with the trend. Good luck all.



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