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Dec 10th 7A Update: Another good week! Most of what I'm doing is raising cash + BTFD ('buy the @#$@#$@# dip') plays by putting back on runners for quick flips (1-2 day trades). There were some good dips in XIV this week to buy & flip which I played. Also, energy as oil dipped a bit & recovered (specifically, I played XES + XOP - still long XOP runner). I flipped out of ITA early in the week and then defense + aerospace (ITA) had a dip, partly because of tweets from the President-Elect re: Boeing, so I put my runner back on. Banks had a micro dip, so I put my KBE runner back on. Industrial metals (XME) paid well and then I put my runner back on with a dip on Friday. So, there's some things to do. On the short side, I tried being short overnight QQQ (via SQQQ) that didn't work at all (stopped myself out pre-market for minor losses). I am short (small) biotech via BIS and tried a small short on TZA late friday, however, I'm still heavily net long. Cash is also very high (maybe 50%). But that's all in the past, what's next? Almost everything is going up, so I say enjoy it while it lasts. Risk is also high, so quick flips for runners works for me. Tech recovered nicely this week and the 'tech wreck' has been put on hold. Biotech and gold miners are still weak, but otherwise I think you can keep buying dips in stuff that's going up: fins (kbe, kre, fas, xlf), industrials + industrial metals (iyt, xli, ita, xme), dollar-hedged plays (DXJ, HEDJ), small + mid caps (IJR, IJH, IWM, MDY, TNA), energy (USO, UWT, XES, FCG, XOP, XES, OIH, XLE, ERX) and of course short vol (XIV, SVXY). On the short side, you have bonds (TBT), gold + miners (GLL, DUST, JDST), and biotech (BIS, LABD). Good luck out there! Dec 4th 7A Update: Another good week! I played XES as a runner going into the OPEC news and that paid fat as I scaled out. Buying dips in the bankster twins (KBE and KRE) paid again. Short volatility via XIV paid again. Short Q's worked, but I messed up the trade. Short TLT (via T



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