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March 15th 2015 Update: OK, what's working? Strong dollar plays. So, things like long US$, short euro, short yen, short emerging markets, short oil, short energy, short gold/silver, & short gold/silver miners. Basically any dollar denominated currency or commodity is worth a look for a short set-up. On the long side, there's slim pickins. If you have quick fingers, you can look for bounce plays in small caps (maybe mid caps), select financials, & short volatility may set-up soon. My personal belief is that small caps hold the key to this market. If they start tanking, the whole thing is going down. If they continue to hold up, then it will be very difficult to have a big correction. The big event next week is the FOMC on Wed. which could move markets. Good luck all.



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$ SPX2 - !ITVMNYC - Daily Heikin-Ashi, 900

$ SPX3 - $TICK - Daily Cumulative, 900

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$ SPX5 - SPY - Daily OHLC Bars (thick), 900

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