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Sept 5th 2017 8:30P Update: Missed a few weeks there! Mostly vacation, but also some unexpected computer problems. Now I have backups of the backups! You never know when a broker will go down, computer problems or even charting software....so you must build in backups. OK, what's going on? It still feels like we're in a sideways, grinding type market with pockets of strength (& weakness). So, what's working? GDX, GDXJ, & GLD. Volatility is well...volatile...but good for quick trades. I caught a quick double in an option trade for AMD last week, so there are things to do but you have to be somewhat quick & not too greedy or the trade will go against you (chop). What else is working? TLT (bonds). And the flip side of that is fins (banks) are weak. Personally, I'm avoiding the broader market ETFs (SPY, etc.) as I don't fell there is an edge there. I want to trade stuff that's moving - so I'm focusing on strength (ex. gold, gold miners & friends) and weakness (ex. regional banks). In addition, there's always some individual stocks that are moving depending on the flavor of the week (ex. select energy names). Focus on stuff that's moving! Good luck out there!


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