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Feb 18th 2017 8A Update: Last week was a good one for me - every dip buy was rewarded - easy $$$. This week was a bit more challenging, but still good. My general strategy is to buy dips in uptrends (or sell rips in downtrends). Since everything is going up, I'm trying to buy dips when they show up. The hardest part is being patient. Sometimes it's hard to resist the urge to chase, but for my risk tolerances + stops, my system works much better if I buy a dip (less risk of getting stopped out). The other tricky part was the divergence between the VXX and SPY. There was some noise about a major mutual fund unwinding some trades. The mutual fund itself probably wasn't big enough to move the market, but people jumping on their backs might have been. In any case, there was a huge divergence with the VXX and SPY rising at the same time. This spooked me a bit and I took profits in a bunch of longs. Right on queue, we got a dip to buy. I bought XIV and SVXY - started buying too early - but it worked out by Friday. Fortunately, there were lots of dips to buy - I especially like the fins. But since it seems like everything is going up, pick your favorite. XBI finally got above 67 and there were some good trades in XBI and IBB land. At some point, this will all end but it's best not to predict the end because it can go on longer than any rational person might think. The key for me is to stick with what's working: keep buying dips and manage risk with stops.


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