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Sept 9th 4:45P: Back from summer vaca and will try to be better about posting updates! I've been working on some updated chart styles over the summer. My goal is to continuously improve my trading and I'm hoping these small tweaks will help me stay positioned appropriately. Let's see....what's else is new? Bought some AAPL 100C's (small) yesterday for a quick flip today. Options market priced in a $4 move (non-directional) and I was betting that it could bounce from oversold, at least intraday. That's almost exactly what happened. Cashed out my 100C's @ $3 for a quick gain. That's the sort of trade that I'm looking for right now. We had our big V-shaped rip off the lows and now we're in a sideways chop-fest - the short-term trend is flat. My expectation is that it will resolve higher eventually (that's the larger trend and we're burning off the overbought condition daily in chopfest). However, the chopfest isn't as much fun for me as the V-shaped rip. And so, I tend to trade smaller and more selective in what I buy. I did add to a few things today at S2 (DIS, XLK) and started new positions in IYR & IYT (again @ S2 pivots). I have some small puts in stuff like RIG & KEY, but honestly shorts have been really tough in this relentless bull. At some point that will change, but for now, I'm still leaning bullish. Good luck all.



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