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July 17th 10:30A Update: Making a few changes to my Public Chart List. Most weekly charts will feature a slower, long-term (LT) trend indicator at the bottom of the chart. This will result in less whipsaws (because it's slower), but it won't react to trend changes as fast (because...wait for it.....it's slower). Overall, after several months of testing, I like the steadiness of the LT trend indicator. I will be trading exclusively with the trend. Sure there are times where you can make money trading against the trend (especially considering that it's a slower trend indicator), but odds favor trading with the trend. This game is all about odds & risk control. I haven't been trading much in the past a few months - just starting to turn back on the flow this week. Good luck out there.



$ Bullish Stock Screen Results

$ SPX0 - Monthly Overview

$ SPX1 - Weekly

$ SPX2 - !ITVMNYC - Daily Heikin-Ashi, 900

$ SPX3 - $TICK - Daily Cumulative, 900

$ SPX4 - Equal-Weight - Daily

$ SPX5 - SPY - Daily OHLC Bars (thick), 900

$ SPY6 - 30 min OHLC Bars (thick), 900

$ SPY7 - 5 min OHLC Bars (thick), 900

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