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Feb 8th 9:30A Update: Another wild week! Starting with the SPY first, once again the SPX Participation spike called the high. I think that's 6 or 7 times in a row. Definitely keep that on your radar. SPX-specific McClellan Osc was overbought & it rolled a little (still lots of room on the downside). SPXA50R topped out exactly like it did last August. Everything went almost perfectly, but it's still a challenging trading environment. There's lots of intraday swings, sloppy trading, long wicks, etc.....followed by vicious trend moves which are hard to jump in. There was a perfect set-up in TLT which I took & that paid well. Tried a quick flip long in FDN & got stopped the next day (no biggie). Played the financials short (via FAZ), but got stopped out for a small gain. There's plenty of opportunities, but you absolutely need quick fingers (not my strength). Forget all that, what's next? Futures are pointing towards a lower open. We need those Jan/Aug levels to hold. Best case scenario is that we set-up a double bottom & form an inside month for Feb. Worst case, we blow out those lows and go for a big measured move to the downside. Yowza. Good luck out there. Feb 1st 8A Update: Another crazy week. We spent most of the week in a tight range waiting for some catalyst. All the indicators were oversold and poised for a relief rally. And then the BOJ decides to adopt a negative interest rates policy on Thurs night. Boom! The inside day on the SPY's (and others) triggered to the upside and it was off to the races. Based on the numerous bullish RSI divergences and reversal bars, I decided to do some quick flips that lasted a few days in XIV and FCG - both worked out well. But that's all in the past, what's next? Most of the monthly and weekly charts are broken (besides boring stuff like utes, staples, etc). When the trend is up, a rising tide tends to left all boats. When the trend is down, the boats are struggling not to get swept out to sea. That's where we are now, s



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