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May 16th 2015 7A Update: The indexes are finally getting a little mojo back - although tech gave up some on Friday. I'm looking at things like the cumulative $TICK index's sharp rise, the increase in participation, and some indexes at new ATH's. This all bodes well for further gains. So, what's working? Short squeeze candidates are always fun: JCP, AMBA, CMCM. I've been playing a bunch of energy names lately. This past week, my big winners were WMB and VLO. And so, I'll keep looking for set-ups there. How about bonds? I got long TLT on Friday AM after stalking a long entry for weeks. If bonds start rising again, everything from utilities to REITs to homebuilders are back in play. Overseas plays are also worth a look: AAXJ and EEM, especially. A few more names in no particular order: SBUX, UNH, HRS, AMGN, NKE, DIS, and HFC. Good luck out there.



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