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There is only one side to the stock market; and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side. -Jesse Livermore
By following distribution days, churning, stalling,& market action one can increase the odds of being correct in ones trading decisions.

$TRIN - Daily Line (solid)

A TRIN above 1 indicates that the volume in declining stocks outpaced the volume in advancing stocks. In the final example the TRIN was below 1, indicating the volume in advancing stocks was healthy and outpaced the volume in declining stocks

A number of TRIN interpretations have evolved over the years. Richard Arms, the originator, uses the TRIN to detect extreme conditions in the market. He considers the market to be overbought when the 10-day moving average of the TRIN declines below .8 and oversold when it moves above 1.2. Other interpretations seek to use the direction and absolute level of the TRIN to determine bullish and bearish scenarios. In the momentum driven markets, the TRIN can remain oversold or overbought for extended periods of time.

$US Dollar

$VIX - Volatility index

11/2/11- ?Anytime that the VIX pops 15% or more in a single day, it is usually a pretty good marker of a short-term bottom for stock prices,? Tom McClellan of the Mc-Clellan Market Report wrote.

$VXN - Monthly Solid Line, 1280

$XBD - Brokers

Bullish Percent Index -NASDAQ

Bullish Percent Index NYSE

Strong buy signals occur when the Bullish Percent Index falls below 30% and then reverses up by at least 6%. Conversely, promising sell signals occur when it goes above 70%, and then reverses down by at least 6%.

Copper ETN

EEM - Default Style

Brazil 15.14%
China 14.43%
Korea 13.19%
Taiwan 10.35%
Russia 8.37%
South Africa 7.49%
India 6.70%
Mexico 5.45%
Malaysia 2.57%
Other 16.30%

GLD - Default Style

8/4-SPDR Gold Trust is about 16% above its 200-day moving average. A 6% to 8% correction followed the previous four times it rose 13% to 16% above the 200-day line. Gold-mining stocks corrected more sharply in those periods.

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