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Ratio Analysis


1000 The US Big Picture & some SHORTING possibilities

We have willingly enslaved ourselves, our children and our grandchildren, and yet our addiction is so insatiable that we continue to add more than 100 million dollars to our debt load every single hour of every single day.

Move some money abroad. Focus on countries with improving demographics. That means countries with young and growing populations. Here are three countries that check those boxes? India - Vietnam - Indonesia If you take these steps today, you?ll be miles ahead of most investors.

TO DO List (??? lire !!!) >> http://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Dont-Believe-The-Hype-Oil-Markets-Far-From-Recovery.html

Seekingalpha.com >> Soros - Glenn Greenbergs - Buffet - Pickens - David Einhorns Portfolio???
Nickel is cheap? - Cellectis >> cellules souche?

1001 The Leaders & also check wix - crm - shop

Buy low. It sounds simple but it's hard to execute... Help people. When people are desperately trying to sell, help them and buy. When people are enthusiastically trying to buy, help them and sell. Sir John Templeton

The majority of any market's rise or fall comes often in very short bursts of price. You can't predict those bursts of up and down price action consistently, but you can respond to them.
If you buy weakness and sell strength and slowly but surely build a core position. That is an absolutely critical part of wealth building, accumulating a core position, so it is paid for by
your market opponents, not by you. Don't expect to get that bill paid for in a couple of weeks. Anything worthwhile takes real time...

At market tops, shares move from strong hands into weak hands. At market bottoms, the opposite: from weak hands into strong hands.
The value doesn't dissepear it is transfered to those who deserve it...

If your long positions are the same size as your short positions, your portfolio is market neutral. This means movement in the stock market won't make or lose you money.
If the stock market goes up, your long position makes money while your short position loses money. If the stock market goes down, your short position makes money while your long position loses money.
Our favorite way to build a market neutral portfolio is to buy stocks in strong industries and short stocks in weak industries. The key is to pick the right longs and shorts.
We look to buy stocks that are cheap, overlooked, and on the rise. On the other hand, we look to short expensive stocks and companies that could have trouble making money in an economic downturn.

1002 Tesla & Chips

Elon Musk does have a wonderful skill of promoting desirous products and building up demand for non-existent products. But these products are desirous because no competitor will make them as they make no economic sense. Lack of competition may make it appear that the company is ahead of competition but that is an optical illusion. We expect the stock to implode as investors and analysts comes to grips with this base reality.

1003 Short S&P500 3x (n'acheter que les extremes!!! In & out rapide...)

Worse, it forces people to desperately put their money in all manner of idiotic speculations in an effort to stay ahead of inflation. They wind up chasing the bubbles the funny money creates.
Let me re-emphasize something: in order for science and technology to advance you need capital. Where does capital come from? It comes from people producing more than they consume and saving the difference.
Debt, on the other hand, means you?re living above your means. You?re either consuming the capital others have saved, or you?re mortgaging your future.
Zero and negative interest rate policies, and the creation of money out of nowhere, are actually destructive of civilization itself. It makes the average guy feel that he?s not in control of his own destiny.
He starts believing that the State, or luck, or Allah will provide for him. That attitude is typical of people from backward parts of the world?not Western Civilization.
Nick Giambruno: What does it say about the economy and society that people work so hard to interpret what officials from the Federal Reserve and other central banks say?
Doug Casey: It?s a shameful waste of time. They remind me of primitives seeking the counsel of witch doctors. One hundred years ago, the richest people in the country?the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, and such
made their money creating industries that actually made stuff. Now, the richest people in the country just shuffle money around. They get rich because they?re close to the government and the hydrant of currency materialized by the Federal Reserve.
I?d say it?s a sign that society in the US has become quite degraded.
The world revolves much less around actual production, but around guessing the direction of financial markets. Negative interest rates are creating bubbles, and will eventually result in an economic collapse.
Nick Giambruno: Negative interest rates are essentially a tax on savings. A lot of people would rather pull their money out of the bank and stuff it under a mattress than suffer that sting.
The econom

1004 Short 20year Treasury 3x (n'acheter que les extremes!!! In & out rapide...)

List of 3x leverage tickers >> http://www.3xetf.com/ -- (SPXL >> Long S&P500 3x)
DRV 3x short Real Estate
Here are Paul Farrell's 11 market rules to remember:
1. Markets tend to return to the mean over time.
2. Excesses in one direction will lead to an opposite excess in the other direction.
3. There are no new eras? excesses are never permanent.
4. Exponentially rapidly rising or falling markets usually go further than you think, but they do not correct by going sideways.
5. The public buys the most at a top and the least at a bottom.
6. Fear and greed are stronger than long-term resolve.
7. Bullmarkets are strongest when they are broad and weakest when they narrow to a handful of blue chip names.
8. Bear markets have three stages? sharp down, reflexive rebound, [and] a drawn-out fundamental downtrend.
9. When the experts and forecasts agree? something else is going to happen.
10. Bull markets are more fun than bear markets.
11. Though business conditions may change, corporations and securities may change, and financial institutions and regulations may change, human nature remains essentially the same.

1005 The Long Term PM Big Picture 1

1006 Juniors

I'm a buyer on every 10 cents decline, and a partial seller on 50 cents rallies from my buy points inde GDX.
This isn't so much 'trading' as it is pruning. As they grow, lawns must be mowed.
Regardless, core positions in the precious metal sector need to be held with an iron fist.
Just as a gardener mows their lawn rather than ripping the whole lawn out by the roots, the gold market investor needs
to hold large core positions to take advantage of what I call the'Gold Bull Era' Stewart Thomson - Graceland Updates.

1007 Long Silver 3x (n'acheter que les extremes!!! In & out rapide...) !!! Major point is $1

Doug: Stupidity, like intelligence, comes in a number of flavors. The most common definition of stupidity is ?of low intelligence? ? but that?s rather circular, like saying ?slow? means ?not very fast.?
I like to define ?stupid? as the ability to see the immediate and direct consequences of actions, but the inability to see the delayed and indirect consequences.
Like most criminals, black-hat hackers never see the long-term consequences ? like being hunted, being held in contempt by most of society, and probably landing in jail. or indirect consequences ? like destroying their self-respect. Among other things.
An even better definition of stupidity, applicable both to those who respond to the Nigerian prince scam as well as the Nigerian Prince himself, is ?an unwitting tendency towards self-destruction.?
Even when criminals score high on IQ tests, they still fit this definition. So while computer criminals are undoubtedly smarter than street criminals, they?re still rather stupid in very important ways.

1008 Long Gold Miners 3x (n'acheter que les extremes!!! In & out rapide...) 2

These people think that by inflating?which is to say destroying?the currency, they can create prosperity. But what they?re really doing, is destroying capital:
When you destroy the value of the currency, that discourages people from saving it. And when people don?t save, they can?t build capital, and the vicious cycle goes on.
This is destructive for civilization itself, in both the long term and the short term. The more paper money, the more credit, they create, the more society focuses on finance, as opposed to production.
It?s why there are many times more people studying finance than science. The focus is increasingly on speculation, not production. Financial engineering, not mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering.
And lots of laws and regulations to keep the unstable structure from collapsing.
What keeps a truly civil society together isn?t laws, regulations, and police. It's peer pressure, social opprobrium, moral approbation, and your reputation. These are the four elements that keep things together.
Western Civilization is built on voluntarism. But, as the State grows, that?s being replaced by coercion in every aspect of society. There are regulations on the most obscure areas of life.
: Speaking of ancient civilizations like Rome, interest rates are about the lowest they?ve been in 5,000 years of recorded history. Trillions of dollars? worth of government bonds trade at negative yields.
Of course, this couldn?t happen in a free market. It?s only possible because of central bank manipulation. How will artificially low interest rates affect the collapse of Western Civilization?
Doug Casey: It?s really, really serious. I previously thought it was metaphysically impossible to have negative interest rates but, in the Bizarro World central banks have created, it's happened.
Negative interest rates discourage saving. Once again, saving is what builds capital. Without capital you wind up as an empty shell?Rome in 450 A.D., or Detroit today?lots of wonderful but empty buildings and

1009 Long Gold Juniors 3x (n'acheter que les extremes!!! In & out rapide...) 2

These three royalty stocks (FNV, RGLD, WPM) are consistent dividend paying stocks.

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