The SIDESHOW - Trading stocks under $10 and ETF's; options candidates; general market analysis

Evan Spannknebel

Entries are derived through scans quantifying specific measurements in volume, momentum or proven technical signatures. It will be updated daily and even more frequent on many days. Entries vary from ETF's under $80 and stocks ranging from $10 to sub penny. An initial target of 25% from the signal close is sought and many reach further than that target. A trailing stop is used. You will find those stocks failing their target will often stop out with a profit. The target sought is expected in four weeks or less making the compounding of working capital a rapid reality. EOD updates usually are attended to near the close. New selections are usually included by 9 PM Eastern. Your votes of favor are appreciated.

02 - High risk testing
03 - Pennies in a Poke - cheap cheapies
04 - Stocks under $10
The week the stock was included, ie; 0605 - June 5
05 - Longer term picks (regular producers)
06 - ETF's (ETF positions last until a reversal forms or a neutral opinion develops)
07 - Premium Quality Options Candidates (black backgrounds are actual positions)
10 - General market conditions

Vertical green - long
Vertical red - short
Vertical blue - nuetral
Horizontal blue - signal confirmed
Horizontal red - a stop with a closing price beyond
Horizontal gold/text - target

NOTICE: April 15 - My stuff has been bearish for a while. I just thought earnings would reverse that - it has not. The 07 area has been getting more selective, long and short, and has been turning a profit. The same with the longer term 05 area but few picks are being found. Make fewer selections with smaller positions. Nothing wrong with holding some cash.

10 Nasdaq Composite ($COMPQ)

10 NASDAQ IT Breadth/Volume Momentum Oscillator (ITBM/ITVM)

10 Nasdaq New Highs and New Lows (3-Yrs)

10 S Percent of SPX Stocks Above Their 200/50/20-EMA (3-Yr)

10 S&P 500 Large Cap Index ($SPX)

10 S&P 500 Large Cap Index ($SPX) weekly

10 S&P 500 New Highs and New Lows (3-Yrs)

10 S&P 500 PCT Stocks Above 200/50/20-EMA (3-Yr)

10 SPX IT Breadth/Volume Momemtum Oscillator (ITBM/ITVM)

10 Volatility Index - New Methodology ($VIX)

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