= 060 Daily Indicator (Trend) Review

Larry Stanczak

Long Term: Bullish>2650; Intermediate Term Neutral<2800; Short Term Neutral<2775
The purpose of this list is to assess market trend and risk using Intermarket analysis of Commodities; Currencies; Bonds; and Stocks as well as Risk Appetite (VIX, CPC, Rato Studies, etc) and Foreign Markets. Nomenclature: Intermediate Trend (IT): 3 or more Months; Short Term (ST) generally 3 days to 3 weeks.

Version 2 has some added charts and has been restructured to make it easier to navigate to only those studies of interest. The series from 000 to 400 are relationship studies and 500 to 700 are candlestick charts of major indexes and ETF's. 000 - Commentary & Macro view; 100 - Commodities; 200 - Currencies; 300 - Bonds; 400 - Stocks; 500 - Candle Charts for Commodities, Currencies and Bonds; 600 - Domestic Stock Indexes; 700 - Foreign Stock ETFs.

How I use it: I review the entire series before the open and after the close. Once acquainted with the relationships in play I keep an eye on the candle components using the summary view during the trading day.

The purpose of this list is to make macro level calls I may cite trades I have put on or am considering as examples. These are not recommendations as that engenders a different series of charts and analysis.
I welcome all feedback, questions and recommendations. I am very open minded and enjoy the discourse as it helps me continually improve this list and my analysis.

453 Bullish Percent SPX, INDU, COMPQ

>65 Bullish and < 35 Bearish

461 VIX Daily

From approximately mid-2004 to mid-2007 the VIX held between approximately 9 to 24 as the SPX rallied. We need to allow for the possibility that this may happen again.

462 $VXV:$VIX

A move of this ratio below 1 tends to indicate a short term bottom is near, although it may not be immediate.

470 CPC 10DEMA

CPC spikes above the upper line often indicate excessive fear and spikes to the lower line excessive complacency.

PPO > 15 excessive Bullishness and < 15 Excessive Bearishness

Watch for breakouts (Bearish) and roll overs (Bullish) in CPC; often a good signal.

500 DBC

502 USO

503 UNG

504 DBB

505 DBA

506 GLD

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