KISS KeepItSimpelStupid. BUY - SELL - HOLD

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Updated 2016-mm-dd 22:10GMT
US Market Short-Term Sentiment - Hold Zone - today XX on Fear Index, Last xx. A good window for pick up of index EFT's is <25

The three simple rules:
#1 Rule 'dont loss money'
#2 Rule 'The best time to buy is then the clouds are darkest, there are to many concerns and you think that it is a bad time to invest in the stock market'
#3 Rule 'Remember rule #1'

#Last 6 Point Lineup Daily Buy Signal- Page 5
$SPX - Last buy signal 16-02-2016
$INDU - Last buy signal 12-02-2016
$NDX - Last buy signal 12-02-2016
$NBI - Last buy signal 18-02-2016
$MID - Last buy signal 12-02-2016

**My strategy
1) Buy and Hold, follow the three simple rules
2) Simple sell/stop indicator = under daily MA125 or below the last 5 or 4 Star entry point
3) Trade Indicator/entry point is <20% - 5 Stars (Weekly SLOW STO 5,1) or 4 Stars (Daily FULL STO 20,10,1) -- Page 4
4) BUY the dip (x2, SSO, MVV, UWM, QLD, BIB, UPV, EET) or (x3, UPRO, UMDD, URTY, TQQQ, EURL, EDC)

***Note - Bull markets do not die of old age; they fall victim to an inverted yield curve,
a recession, a sharp drop in corporate profits or the bursting of a speculative bubble.
None of these are on the horizon.


$$a $SPX - Daily Candlesticks

$$ab $VIX Short-Term Indicator - buy or sell

$$b $NYAD - Daily Cumulative - CrossOver - Short-Term Indicator

$$c Market Forecast - Buy The Dip - Trade Indicator

$$d Trendfinder - 6 point lineup

$a $NYA - HIGH vs LOW

$d $VIX Upwards Crossover of green line

$e SPX - Weekly Trendfinder

$h SPY - 1 hour Renko

$i $SPX - 1 hour - DLSS

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