Jim's Chartbook

James Ivey

3000 $RUT - Daily HLC Bars (thick), 1280

3010 $RUT - Weekly HLC Bars (thick), 1280

4000 $INDU - Daily HLC Bars (thick), 900

4010 $INDU - Weekly HLC Bars (thick), 1280

5000 $SPX - 20 Yr. 13/34 Weekly Crossover Chart

I use the weekly 13/34 cross as a long-term indicator. When the 13 is above the 34 it is okay to be long the broad market...when it is below it is better to be short or in cash, in my view

5005 $NYA200R - Weekly 2009 bottom to Now

5010 $NYA200R - Weekly with NYA Comp

5020 $NYA200R - Monthly W NYA Comparison Below

5025 $NYSI - Weekly Candlesticks, 900

Plotting stochastics 5,3 on the $NYSI is a pretty reliable intermediate indicator of market direction...when the stochastics cross the signal line at the top of the range a good chance for an intermediate correction develops and when it crosses from the bottom of the range chances are good for an intermediate term rally

5030 $SPX - RIbbon Chart

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