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Welcome to Wrighttrade, Learn to trade and profit from gaps using options

2/14/18, Early am. Watching for breaks of the blue vortex lines on charts and higher highs for buy signals. BOTZ has crossed. Buyer ay higher highs.
2/6/18, Early am. Market is on sale. Notice where the stocks are right now filling gaps below. Ill be watching for buy signs using the Vortex and MACD Histrogram. See notes on S&P chart and watch for the 200ma to be touched by the markets and their stocks.
1/25/18, Early am. MU is up $1 now in premarket. See note on chart for BOTZ
1/24/18 Early am. MU is a buy at new day high. AAPL buy at new day high. GOOG still strong heading toward my target of 1300. NKE is a buy at new all time high. AMD buy at new day high. FB filled gap and made all time new highs. See charts for notes
1/23/18, Early am. Happy Birthday Son. Zack is 16 today and going for his driver license this morning. Going to be an awesome day. See note on FB chart. AMD is a buy at higher highs. GOOG is strong, see notes. MU is a buy at higher highs. BOTZ is a buy at higher highs. Wrighttrade
1/22/18, Early am. See notes on charts for NKE, FB and looking for lower lows on WLL.. Buyer of AMD at higher highs. Buyer of MU at higher highs. BOTZ is strong, watching the vortex line break or lower MACD histrogram to print to take profit.
1/12/18, Early am. See charts for AAPL, MU, and NKE. Watching AMD for break of 200ma
1/9/18, Early am. See charts for NKE, GOOG, and AAPL which will be a buy at new day highs. AMD testing 200ma. Break of 200ma and its off to the higher gaps.
1/4/18, Early am. looking to trade in NKE, UA and F today. See charts and notes.
1/3/18, Early am, See notes on charts. Markets are strong going into the first week of the new year. Thats a Good sign of whats to come.....Happy New Year
12/19/17, Early am. Check out BOTZ, FB, AAPL, GOOG, NKE and UA charts.
12/18/17, Early am, See notes on charts. AAPL, FB, GOOG, and NKE are looking strong. BITCOIN will be making history today. It will be all in the news today trading


A. S&P 500 Large Cap Index ($SPX)

2/15/18, Early am. Buyer at higher highs. Vortec line is close to breaking my blue line and MACD Histrogram is already making higher highs.
2/6/18, Early am. Vortex and MACD Histrogram called the top. Ill be watching for the green vortex line to be broken to buy. Stay tuned, the market is on sale.
2/1/18, Early am. Today will be a big day for earnings. Looking to be buyer at higher highs on stocks,. watch for the gap above on the S&P to be filled and to higher highs.
1/26/18, Early am. Cautious at these levels. might be just pausing before a big run up but the Vortev red line has broken to the upside yesterday. Ill be watching for a lower MACD histrogram to confirm. Might get a fast run to the 3000 level. A good sign of that happening would be a big gap up.
1/16/18, Early am, Now this looks like a blow off top. S&P at 2800 right now at 5:20am. Watching for break of Vortec line
12/1/17, Target of 2640 hit. Cautious at these levels, small gaps have been made going up since the break of 2600.
11/28/17, Target almost hit, UPRO target of $130 hit.
11/28/17, Early am. Two days above 2600. 2630 to 2640 target.
11/22/17. Early am. Didn't get the close above 2600 yet. Almost there.
11/2/17, Early am. Broke the inside days yesterday with higher highs. Buyer only at high highs today @ 2588.41
11/1/17, Early am. Last two days have been inside days, looking for higher highs today. Wrighttrade
10/23/17, Early am, See note on 6/12. Blow off top? 2570 target hit. Target now at 2600, close above 2600 and 2630 will be next.
10/20/17, Early am. Had a bounce off the 10ma yesterday, watch for high highs. target 2570.
10/4/17, S&P target of 2540 hit, cautious at buying at this level. Wrighttrade
10/3/17, Early 5:00am, S&P at 2530 in pre market, target hit. Next target 2540.
9/18/17, Early am. With the close above 2500, I'm a buyer only at a new day high of 2500.24 with a target of 2530.
9/12/17, Early am. Gap at the 2476 area filled yesterday. We'll see all time new market highs today. Apple launches the new iPhone today.

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These steps above will get you into a trade. Getting out, I like using a set % move, usually 4 to 6%

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