ETF Turtle

Roger Reich

SCOPE: US Markets, Bonds, International, Commodities, Sectors, Currencies, Mixed. 1K plus ETFs/ETNs hierarchically organized including 2X and 3X leveraged funds.

PURPOSE: To provide an efficient reference tool AND analysis tool for the key ETFs/ETNs in one platform. Updated daily in support of the live trading of diversified portfolios (IRA and Cash).

VITAL: For a Table of Contents and fast navigation tool use the 'Chartbook' link at the right hand side of this screen. ETFs are hierarchically organized.

0.2.7 US Market - S&P500 - PnF

0.3.1 US Market - Nasdaq - Weekly

0.3.2 US Market - Nasdaq - Weekly - Very Long Term

0.3.3 US Market - Nasdaq - Daily

0.3.4 US Market - Nasdaq - Intraday 60min

0.3.5 US Market - Nasdaq - Intraday 10min

0.3.6 US Market - Nasdaq - PnF

0.4.1 US Market - New York Stock Exchange - Weekly

0.4.2 US Market - New York Stock Exchange - Weekly - Very Long Term

0.4.3 US Market - New York Stock Exchange - Daily

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