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Special Free Reports coming out this weekend! One the potential trade into Crude, careful get out of any Natural Gas related long; looks close to a waterfall breakdown. If this does occur you will be crushed in UGAZ. The Second GDX/GDXJ/Gold; looking like a slingshot move is setting up. Gold Report sent Saturday and Crude Report on Sunday to those on the email list. Very important going into next week. Will discuss why.
-Just finished running the financials in the top 50 percent of XOPs holdings and it is not pretty; in the report to come.
-To see both these free reports be sure you have contacted us to be on the emailing list. Everyone that requested is onboard.
--Sunday updates
-Crude chart has been uploaded. We will use our new V/U trading models to time exit of DRIP; both weekly and monthly model.
-Both reports have been sent; be sure to check notifications box if you did not recieve; if it did not come through email me and we fix it.
-GBTC Bitcoin; CHI has hit target 666,688 mark of the beast and MACD Monday 666.66 - both topping on the satanic cabels topping mark. Gold will rock on this topout.
-Please listen to this.....https://www.silverdoctors.com/headlines/world-news/catherine-austin-fitts-bitcoin-is-not-what-it-pretends-to-be/


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