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-Well going to be a fun and exciting day with Mr. Powells first official Fed Address; be sure to tune and listen closely.
-On the three new topping indexes adding four horsemen to SPX Consumer Discretionary, Finance, Healthcare and IT; these are 64.07% of the weighting and Nasdaq - Tech is 45 percent, Consumer Services, Healthcare, Industrials and these are 83.36%! of Weighting.
-Have added TZA triple short small caps and the tracker Russell 2000.
-Will be sharing, this weekends Forecaster, some important info about the top 10 holdings in the DOW which make up 56.38% of index. Insane balance sheets and insane valuations based on any metric! I run balance sheets daily on everything and this is truly SHOCKING! This report in the Forecaster will show how deep of c ra p we are in! DOW is SO OVERVALUED if you value based on this! Remember good chart modelling reflects life and its realities, they catch the truth! We will look at Debt in all 30 components as well.
-Doing my best to keep the trading charts up to date, as remember its not just these charts but so much offsite you do not even see.
-See chart 0G UNG we have one last push up; that is why we covered shorts; but at that high you can see the waterfall after it!
-JNUG and USLV still going lower patience....please.
-EVERYONE DO NOTHING HERE; wait; sit on your hands; so many killer trades setting up and we will nail them all will give advance warning a day ahead as they near our price entries. THERE IS NO TRADES HERE. Forget long; too risky in this environment.
-Number 6 on Public List U F B http://stockcharts.com/public/1684859 and us at 49!


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