Westpacific Technical Charts

Glenn Burnett

1/1a XJY Yen Weekly/9 Year Chart Study

Off the 2011 top out to the low; the Bear Box would represent a normal wave correction of 50%, I ask then what; so should you. But it seems that gold should power higher with the Yen into that level; then we side with caution.
-Sept 2017 - The Bank of Japan now holds 75% of the nation's ETFs.

1/1aa Gold - Current Wave

1/1aab GOLD Monthly V/U Timing Model

1/1aab GOLD Weekly V/U GOLD Timing Model

1/1c GDXJ Daily 6 Month Model

1/1c GDXJ Daily V/U Timing Model

1/1c GDXJ Weekly V/U Timing Model

1/1ca JNUG 1 Year Model Weekly

1/1ca JNUG 2 Hour V/U Timing Model

December 8th - Well here they are at last; a timing model for the new year. Been working on this for a few weeks trying different stuff and this seems to be about the best in all my testing. We will be incorporating these throughout the site for the launch of the new and improved version going into 2018. They truly are in incredible timing models; you say how come I did not have this before; lol - chart modeling is an art and believe me when you see it you think that was easy. LOL

1/1ca JNUG Daily V/U Timing Model

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