Westpacific Technical Charts

Glenn Burnett

1/1ca JNUG Weekly V/U Timing Model

1/2k INDU 6 Month Model

INDU is powered by....
-SOX exports; Housing; Transports; Utilities
We have three charts for each index; this 6 month close up is set up for trading the swings.
-Debt Ceiling will be raised and we will not hear about it again till December 2018...the hurricanes give little choice!

6/9a Bitcoin Comments Box

6/9a INDU:NYXBT - Weekly Solid Line (thick), 900

6/9a NYXBT Weekly - NYSE Bitcoin Index

6/9b GBTC Bitcoin Weekly 2 Year Model

Bitcoin tops out on gold low; 866.66, targeted for 2019/20.

7/1 $NIKK:$SILVER - Daily Picture Perfect SILVER Timing Model

7/2 SILVER Weekly V/U Timing Model

7/3 USLV Daily V/O Silver Long Timing Model

c12/3 DRIP Oil Producers Short EFT Monthly V/U Timing Model

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