the Power of Predictive Techniques -- Spotting Shiny Opportunities (in Solar and Gold)

Eugene Shen

8/4/14 The stock markets in general have moved into a correction in earnest, though not unexpectedly. July's retreat from the decade long resistance (Dow monthly) set the tone. Bull market should resume in shorterorder. 10/9/13 The high potential stocks (social media, solar) have been sold off sharply but may have put in a bottom in the short term. Looking for a sharp bounce soon from any good news...
7/22/13 It has become increasingly clear that in the near term the Chinese solar cos have improved risk reward outlook over the US based solar cos... some favorites are csiq, tsl, yge, sol etc.


$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $GOLD - weekly big picture Candlesticks, 1280


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