Analysis of Market Direction ... Timing is everything!

Marc Slavin

13Dec17 - Updated USA ETFs (1000 to 1999)
12Dec17 - Updated International ETFs (2000 to 2999)
11Dec17 - Updated Leveraged ETFs (3000 to 3999) and Metals, Oil and Gas, Bonds, and Innovation (4000 to 4999)
08Dec17 - Gold looks Bearish; Bodes well for market going forward.

Road to a BUY: Bear->Less Bearish->Higher->Rising->Strong->Turning Up->Bull.

Road to a SELL: Bull->Less Bullish->Lower->Falling->Weak->Turning Down->Bear.

Always err on the side of caution.

Table of Contents:
Chart 0000 ETF Rating Summary
Chart 0001 Market Commentary
Chart 0002 Market Strength Summary
Chart 0003 Rating Methodology
Charts 0100 to 0999 US Sectors, Indexes, and Market Strength
Charts 1000 to 1999: USA ETFs
Charts 2000 to 2999: International ETFs
Charts 3000 to 3999: Leveraged ETFs
Charts 4000 to 4999: Metals, Oil and Gas, Bonds, and Innovation


Monthly (LONG TERM): 15Dec17 - Chart 0300: Monthly Bullish Trend Continues
Weekly (MEDIUM TERM): 15Dec17 - Chart 0305: Weekly Indicators Bullish
Daily (SHORT TERM): 15Dec17 - Chart 0000: Rating Summary as of 14Dec17: Bull/Turning Up (37), Neutral (99), and Bear/Turning Down (12)

Market Strength Charts (Charts 0500 - 0620): 15Dec17 - Chart 0002- Summary: Tipping Towards Bulls

Note: An ETFs Bull/Bear Rating is the number within the parentheses in the Chart Title .

0001 - Market Commentary as of 08Dec17

0001 - Market Commentary: This Chart is used for observations and comments of general interest.

RSI Green Arrow Rules:
Line rises from below 30 to above 30 => Green Arrow up
Line rises from below 50 to above 50 => Green Arrow up

RSI Red Arrow Rules:
Line drops from above 70 to below 70 => Red Arrow Down
Line drops from above 50 to below 50 => Red Arrow down


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