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11:30 am . Gold gains $19 on stock market volatility and weakening USD. Has the right track been overlooked? Fortunately, not here... I saw the chart v- bottoms and acted. Hope you did the same. Gold $1360 will be a new breakout. The gold pundits are still in the woodwork, so plenty of room to roam...

2/14 Wed 10:20 am > Did you give your 'Sweetie' her card, candy and flowers this morning? I did and I'm out of the dog house for now... OMG, 'Gen Patton' bought JNUG this morning at the open. Congrats! So now lets talk market.> The Dow made an all time high at the State of the Union address. The pots are shot...There are now hundreds of cryptos trading like the 'Tulip Craze'. All backed by zip, nothing. QE is officially over with QT being ushered in. Higher interest rates mean inflation on the horizon. And just who will pay the debts of not only our nation, but other countries as well? So what now? Study the metals charts and you be the judge. Careful trading volatility ETF's. Bite, bite, bite... Now go ahead and give your 'sweetie' a big hug and kiss! Stay right here with the old man. Thanks for your support...
Beautiful JNUG Daily 5 Mo Renko chart...

Next week on the 21st, I will be celebrating my 47th birthday. Don't I wish! Really it's 74. I served with the 2nd 19th Artillery / 1sr Air Calv Div, in VietNam in 1965. That was over 53 yrs ago. My how time does fly, but my wife Nancy and I have been greatly blessed in life.
Right now, her lung cancer is again in remission, really something to celebrate. We thank the Lord every day for our many Blessings he has given us.
Have a great day! How about a vote today for the old man? Hope my charts have helped over time...


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2/13/Tues 9:45 am> Market skimming off some of the 400 point rally yesterday. Is the rally over in DGAZ?
Take a look at the DGAZ 6 mo solid line performance chart. Both target 1 and 2 were both met. I got out too early, but such as it is.... After all said and done, the Nat Gas DGAZ daily 5 mo Renko chart is really one to follow. Other etf symbols track nicely using this set up. Friday was a great day to pick up some JNUG.
Managed to get two good positions under 11.68, using the Gold JNUG - Daily 7 Mo Candlesticks. Nice bottom tails were put in place on the GDX and GDXJ charts. Maybe a slow rise in the p. metals will attract more buyers, more so than the pump and dumps? This year, first was the 'Potties', then it was the 'Bits'. After a long consolidation, along with higher interest rates and inflation, the next trend may finally again be the P.Metals? Silver was in the lime light yesterday, up $.43..... NEW 14 mo $SILVER and the tradeable SLV 14 mo Solid Line chart posted today in the Silver section. Very tradeable my friend and without the whipsaws.

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