Golden Trees of the Forest

Edward Hunt

2/21 / Wed 4:30 pm > Hey y'all... Thanks for all the birthday wishes today. Yes it was an interesting one.
Guess what I got on my birthday today? A 25 lb beaver was caught back on Deep Creek, beaver dam #2. Nancy still laughing and said I had a beaver birthday. Got showered and shaved and heading out for a steak supper!
I did not bite on the gold move today, hope you didn't either. Silver and palladium both look sloppy on the charts. Do like the DGAZ an UGAZ 5 mo Renko charts, not as volatile and sloppy as the golds....

Tomorrow on the 21st, I will be celebrating my 47th birthday. Don't I wish! Really it's 74. I served with the 2nd 19th Artillery / 1sr Air Calv Div, in VietNam in 1965. That was over 53 yrs ago. My how time does fly, but my wife Nancy and I have been greatly blessed in life.
Right now, her lung cancer is again in remission, really something to celebrate. We thank the Lord every day for our many Blessings he has given us.
Have a great day! How about a vote today for the old man? Hope my charts have helped over time...

! ! ! $SPX - 15 min 30 Day Candlesticks, 1280


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