Golden Trees of the Forest - Best of Nat Gas ETF Trading Charts

Edward Hunt

12/11 Mon 11:45am > Was a great weekend. Army , Panthers and the Eagles all won their games!
So far today the price movement on the Natties, favor UNG and UGAZ along with good volume. The 900x1900 1 yr and 8 mo UGAZ charts show a nice bounce off the bottom trendline support. DGAZ 2 mo daily Renko and 2 mo daily area show the turn now in place. Pnf charts show UGAZ and UNG at yearly lows with minimal risk. More colder weather ahead?
$HUI, Gold, silver and related Etf's, all show failure at support and trendline failure on the charts. Stay away...
Have a fine day my friend. Keep those tootsies warm... Thanks for your support...

12/07 1:00 pm Using ChartBook, pull up NatGas aaa UGAZ (900x1900) daily 1 yr candlesticks. Buying the trendline support makes sense. Will a bottom tail candle be put in today? Cold weather ahead will knock off the surplus and pull up the demand, maybe slow at first. friend.
9:50 am > More shares UGAZ ADDED AT 6.66 and 6.48.
12/07 Thurs 9 am > $NIKK chart looks to have topped... Gold struggled yesterday at 1265, with 1250 next support. Miners charts have all broke support. BitCoin has been fabricated from thin air with no logical backing. Remember: Nas gas is needed year long. N gas high for the year was 3.99, low was 2.52. Lower prices today to buy more shares of UGAZ. Downturn will be temporary as winter is ahead. If you have made money trading N gas, adding positions at lower prices prevail verses selling at lows. Patience is needed here...

I have given you the best of trading charts. Use them, make money and be happy. Later my friend....

a $INDU - 20 Yr Monthly Candlesticks, 1280


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