Golden Trees of the Forest - Best of Nat Gas ETF Trading Charts

Edward Hunt

12/18 Mon 9:40 am> Following composed by E. Hunt:

It is the time of Christmas cheer,
with the tax passage that is drawing near.
The market techies will do their tasks,
but when no one's looking, will tilt their flasks.
So as the time passes today,
the Senate committee members are on their way.
The market is up with great desire,
but with no tax passage, it will end with fire................

12/14 Thurs pm > Is there still hope for UGAZ? Today UGAZ hit an intra day low of 5.47 and closed at 5.80, down .04 with volume of almost 31 mil shares. From the low , UGAZ rallied up .33. Shares traded on DGAZ was a little over 2 mil. On the 2and 3 mo Renko charts, indicators on UGAZ may change at any time by looking at the volume today.... Of all the Nat gas charts, the Renkos are still on target
for trading. DGAZ looking toppy and had a $2 pullback today. Spring is not ahead, but winter is.
Remember the charts of 24,500? Well today, they're back... Tax bill must go thru....

I have given you the best of trading charts. Use them, make money and be happy. Later my friend....

b XIV Inverse VIX - Weekly 5 Mo Renko, 1280

b XIV***** - Weekly 4 mo Renko, 1280

Biotech LABD - Bear 2 hour 3 mo Area, 1280

Biotech LABD - Biotech Bear Daily16 mo Candlesticks (900x1900)

Biotech LABU ******** TRADE NIGHT CHART - Weekly 6 mo Renko, 1280

Biotech LABU *****- 1 hour 10 mo Solid Line, 1280

Biotech LABU - Daily 12 Mo Candlesticks, (900X1900)

Biotech LABU - Daily 6 Mo Renko, 1280

Biotech LABU - S&P Biotech Bull 3x - 1 hr 2 Yr Renko,1280

Biotech LABU - Weekly ********* 3 Mo Renko, 1280

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