*Gold, Silver and Energy Charts that I watch

Donny Lewis

Most of these are precious metal mining stocks with a few energy related ones thrown in. Take nothing I print here as advice. I generated these charts to play with so use them for entertainment purposes only. Some of them are nothing more than doodles. Not Investment advice! Comments below the charts come from various sources and are for my info only.
key to the chart order (sort of )
01 indexs that I watch closely------------------------------07 major indexes
02 stocks that I watch closely-------------------------------08 bear funds
03 indexes that I watch less often--------------------------09 commodities related
04 oil related stocks and indexes--------------------------10 stuff for my friends
06 some interesting ratios-------------------------------------misc. stuff, doodles
THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES! They are greatly appreciated.

020 Goldspring

gold/silver/copper in the US.
GoldSpring, Inc. is a North American precious metals mining company with an operating gold and silver mine in northern Nevada. The Company was formed in mid-2003 and acquired the Plum Mine property in November 2003. In the Company's relatively short history, it secured permits, built an infrastructure and brought the Plum project into production. During 2005, the Company acquired additional properties around the Plum project in northern Nevada, expanding its footprint and creating opportunities for exploration.

020 Goldspring - Monthly

020 GoldSpring, Inc. weekly

020 GPXM

gold/silver/copper/lead/zinc in the US.
Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. is a Nevada-based mining company committed to deliver value to its shareholders by acquiring, developing and mining superior precious and strategic metal deposits in North America using competitive business practices balanced by principles of ethical stewardship. Golden Phoenix owns the Mineral Ridge gold and silver property near Silver Peak, Nevada, the Northern Champion molybdenum mine in Ontario, Canada, and is manager/operator and 60% owner and partner of the Ashdown gold and molybdenum property in Humboldt County, Nevada.
Visit the Golden Phoenix Web site at http://www.Golden-Phoenix.com/

020 GPXM - Weekly

020 MUX McEwen Mining

020 MUX McEwen Mining (formerly Minera, UXG)

020 PPP - Primero Daily

020 RGLD - Daily

gold royalty company

020 RGLD - lifetime linear

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