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Three (3) new features of my Chart List are my favorite hand-picked IBD 50 Stocks, the Spyder Sector ETFs and the 13 Wonders known as the Internet of Things stocks!

The first two pages contain charts that measure perceptions of the overall markets. The main equity indexes (S&P500/ Dow Industrials/ Nasdaq) and key measures of bond markets, the TED Spread, Gold, Currencies, and special ratio charts in the special 'Ace way' that makes things clear and simple to see.

The 10 major Sector SPDR ETFs are tracked with Ace's favorite trend indicators and oscillators! If one understands the trends and cycles of these charts, then they will have a very good grasp of the major rotations of the smart money traders. These charts show up on Page 19 of my Chart List and their symbols begin with the letter 'X'.

The second new feature is a hand-picked selection of the IBD 50 stocks. I use many of my favored indicators on these DAILY charts, including the dynamic 13. 50, 100 and 200 MA lines. (IBD usually shows WEEKLY charts-- you can see DAILY here!) I show the proper bases on these charts as base theory is critical in the IBD 50 stock selection and CANSLIM systems. Of course, IBD 50 and CANSLIM are successful trading systems developed by Investor's Business Daily. These charts start on Page 10. I am not associated or affiliated with the IBD in any way and my charts are strictly my interpretations, Please visit their website to learn more at .

Finally, I have added a section known as 'the Internet of Things.' These are the 13 wonders identified by many investors as the key stocks leading the internet revolution as we enter the middle years of the 21st century. Now, track these stocks with me beginning on Page 12.

* IBD 50 and SPDR Select are trade-mark names; I claim no association with the vendors of these products. My chart interpretations are strictly one person's opinion of publicly traded stocks.

XLE - Default Style

XLF - Spyder Sector ETF (Financials)

UPDATE: April 12, 2017 The financials, as commonly represented by the Spyder ETF with symbol XLF, led the Trump Rally from November 8th with rising long term interest rates. Now, we see a reversal gaining traction on XLF with a break down below the 50 day moving average line. This coincides with a rising bond market (and falling yields).

The Spyder ETF for Financials (XLF) which includes many of the nation's biggest bank stocks such as JPM, BAC, WLF, GS, MS and more has been on a tear since the Ace Triple-X buy signal vaulting out of a bullish ascending triangle in early November. The StockCharts SCTR score has consistently been above 90 since then and that means a strong trend is in place and may not end easily-- a good thing for those who know that 'the trend is your friend.' The Spyder broad sector ETFs are a regular feature on my charts list. You can view the other 10 broad category ETFs charts which begin on page 19 of my Charts List.

Also, another feature of my list are charts that track several of the IBD 50 stocks. I have been using various aspects of the IBD CANSLIM system in my charts and trading style for nearly 20 years. Be sure to view that section starting on page 10! (All of my chart illustrations are purely shown for general entertainment purposes only and are NOT intended to provide investment advice.Past results are not indicative of future outcomes, according to the SEC.Always consult with a Registered Investment Advisor or licensed Stock Broker before investing or trading.)

I use because I find they have the best on-line chart software, and their data feeds from the exchanges are always up to date. I have been a loyal customer for over 9 years.

XLI - Default Style

XLI is one of the Select Sector Spyder ETFs. XLI represents the Industrial Sector of the US economy. Be sure to view all of my charts on the Select Sector Spyder ETFs to see which sectors are hot and not! As of the week of September 18th, the INDUSTRIALS are taking off higher and leading all sectors of the US economy. A weaker US dollar might be partly the reason, but also 'the Winds of War' may be fueling the US industrial complex?

XLK - Default Style

XLP - Default Style

XLRE - Real Estate Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLRE)

XLRE is one of two new sector ETFs added to the SPDR universe in year 2015. In November 2017, XLRE has risen to the top sector in Ace's charts among the SPDR Sector ETFs. View the other SPDR Sector ETF charts toward the last pages of my ChartList. THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES!

XLU - Default Style

XLV- Health Care Select Sector SPDR (XLV)

This chart broke out of a nicely shaped cup-n-handle base in June 2014. Stocks in this sector include the HMO stocks, large hospital chains, healthcare distributors and device manufacturers, and large traditional pharmaceutical companies.

XLY - Default Style

Yahoo!, Inc. (YHOO)

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