004 - Momentum Strategy -- Volatility

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Momentum Stocks


001 - ZIV - VXX (Daily)

002 - CV Volatility Index - VIX/3-Month ($VIX:$VXV)

White Zone = Neutral

Green Zone = excellent for long XIV (but beware of extreme lows because a reversal is more likely)

Red Zone = bad time to be long XIV. However, a reversal back down, especially exiting the red zone, is bullish for being long XIV.

003 - VMIN

003 - VMIN (for backtesting)

004 - $VVIX Extremes

When volatility of volatility climbs to extreme levels, it's an early indicator that the rise in volatility is significant. Use the extreme levels as a reminder to follow your trading rules and don't think you can outsmart whatever is coming our way.

005 - EXIV

006 - EVIX

200 - SVXY - BackTesting

iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN (VXX)

VIX - History

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