3X Crushers - 15 Bull & Bear ETF / ETN Pairs

John Dicks

Crusher Charts: pages 1-3
Ideal for momentum trades. Buy, when the orange area first appears, from oversold conditions on the Force Index (from red, towards green). Sell, when the price leaves orange area and enters gray area.

Red Zone-Scalp Charts: pages 4-6
Watch the 3-line TSI Indicator (green, blue & red lines). Buy, when the green line crosses the blue line, in an upward direction. Sell, when the opposite occurs.

Rosetta Stone Charts: pages 7-9
Ideal for longer holds, and swing trades. These charts can help you to capture the really big moves.

Trade Planner Renko &
Lighthouse Renko Charts: page 10
Possible good trade setups, within 4 widely-traded markets.
(for educational purposes only) Consider all trades carefully.

Trading 3X products is risky. These are not suitable for all traders.
Consider fundamentals analysis, and use your own due diligence.

21 YINN - Crusher

22 YANG - Crusher

23 TNA - Crusher

24 TZA - Crusher

25 TQQQ - Crusher

26 SQQQ - Crusher

27 SPXL - Crusher

28 SPXS - Crusher

29 UDOW - Crusher

30 SDOW - Crusher

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