Cups w/ Handles

Douglas Gregory

Cups w/ Handles are updated each weekend... For Patterns Of Interest (Those that are close to the CwH pattern), Daily updates to our Flags, Pennants & High Tight Flags, 50 Day Bouncers, 3 Weeks Tight Patterns and more visit us at

Thank you to all that voted for me > @SharpTraders in the

I am honored to have placed 1st for the 2nd time in 3 years :)

Also, please feel free to follow me on Twitter for updates

CPE - Callon Petroleum Co. Del

CTWS - Connecticut Water Service, Inc.

DEO - Diageo PLC

HOME - At Home Group Inc.

HUM - Humana, Inc.

IART - Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp.

INXN - Interxion Holding N. V.

SUPN - Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

VCEL - Vericel Corp.

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