Life-Changing Markets - 2018-- Blowoff Tops, Comms, Bitcoin, Weed, Gold...Easy Stuff!

Frank Spadafora

Find just 1 Bull Market to invest your money and your life will change forever. I invest for the long-term because it is the only way I will find stocks that go up 10, 50 or 100 times in value. Being a Contrarian fundamentally and a student of Technical Analysis is the only way you will ever choose to buy a stock near a bottom, keep some shares for years, and sell at parabolic highs when the public is euphoric. 'Follow the Money'.
Have fun!
Frank Spadafora.

Some markets going Parabolic, lead by the US. Buy everything! The best gains are made in the last few months of a Bull Market, so hold on tight. With everything working so perfectly, the news will be bright when the markets all top off. This should occur later this year.

Last year I said the following:
'And what does everyone think about Donnie Trump. I think he's an obnoxious ---, but he is having a nice honeymoon as it seems everything will go to the moon.'

BABA and NVDA providing better than 100% returns, and WTW around 500% and they are all still going. Sure you get some stop losses and few minor losers, but who cares.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have made all the insiders billions. Now that the public is in and it's all over the media, you will see a parabolic blowoff top. We got it covered. They already made 100 times their money.

Canadian Medical Marijuana stocks going parabolic as well. Is it the end or just a temporary high? After showing that same chart for years, Research in Motion, or Blackberry has finally bottomed. Just watch the charts.

Is anyone talking about bonds? Not too many, but for years I have been showing that chart with the 35 year Bull Market. It will be over soon, and people can't even imagine the destruction on the other side.

More charts coming, but sometimes I can't get them out there fast enough. Please make a lot of money fast for I fear later this year it will all top out. Later we could finally get that terrible crash.

Check those last 2 pages often for new stu

101 $Gold - The Next $1000 Move Will be ....

Jan 2014: Please pay attention to Gold stocks, as they should be explosive off the bottom and far out perform spot Gold. Those and bottom patterns were the clue to buying the last great bottoms. 2001-2002 there were tons of opportunities to buy all gold stocks. The 2008 crash was so spectacularly quick that you had to be one of the top people at Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan to sell them. Only a couple of months later, enormous volume came into the Gold stocks, doubling in a month and running to new highs.

NOTE: I cannot be certain that golds have bottomed yet because there is no perfect bottom pattern yet, no explosion in the stocks, and no outperformance by the stocks over spot. Lastly, the small caps have been leading the way up since around November. Large caps have always lead the way in the past. Therefore, even if the bottom is in and we are slowly heading up, we can easily buy the next dip.

As of right now, I can tell you that it is not yet safe to 'Back up the truck' on Gold.

102 - Gold - Spot --Huge Bottom Forming

105 Silver - 2014 Waiting for bargain basement prices

106 Silver - April 2016 - New Bull Market

110 $USB - 30 Year Bull Almost Over

April, 2013: US bonds heading up despite new records in the US indexes. The bond market is not believing this is a real sustainable breakout. In 2008, bonds moved way higher months before markets began their great move down. Keep your eyes open to this development.

Jan 2014 Update: Last year I was thinking that China is offloading their $4 trillion in US Dollars and Bonds because they figure it will be like toilet paper later, and with it buying all kinds of hard assets all over the world. The rest of the world is also weary of US debt and selling so we know why bonds will crash later.

Fast forward to today and we find buyers for $USB right at the uptrend line that has been in place for 30 years. Why? Well, Argentina is in big trouble with their currency collapsing 15% in a few days last week. There are problems in Turkey and probably many other emerging markets as the US has now exported inflation. So, they may not trust the US but they trust them more than others. Also please note what I have been saying for years is now coming to pass as they are buying US bonds right before the next potential market collapse. Let's watch what happens next.

PLEASE! Try to find another person that is expecting an explosion in Bonds. Go ahead. I doubt you'll find one. When it happens, remember where you heard it first.

120 $INDU - Jan 2014 SELL - March 2016 Buy

120 $INDU - Straight Up Now

121 $NYA - Monthly 10400 Top Jan 2014 - Crash Ahead?

130 $SPX - Crash will come - Time to Build a Top

The media has been promoting the crisis of the month lately, with 'Fiscal Cliffs', and other such nonsense, while markets overcome all problems. Yet lately they have been promoting the notion that money is leaving bonds and piling into stocks. This is the propaganda getting the dumb money into markets as they approach a top. This should take place over the next few months. It's all normal. The public represents the lambs being lead to slaughter.
Just think about the 900 SPX points on the upside in the past few years, stocks doubling, tripling and AAPL doing 10 Bags. The easy money has been made and the next top is near. Be very careful.

131 $SPX - Monthly 2500 Target, if you can believe it.

Mar 17, 2013 update.

Well, here we are at the top line again. Will this mark a top? Will the Smart Money let the markets go a little higher just to get the public excited, and then pull the rug out from under us? We shall see. I'm not worried as I've been safe for quite some time.

Perhaps you're a great investor or trader, so you are currently sitting on all the great stocks that keep hitting new highs. That's great! Congratulations! Just make sure you keep those profits and exit near that top line. You see, we may be in for one of the greatest crashes the world has ever seen. Do you realize that the 100-year uptrend line on the DOW resides somewhere near 3000? I'm not kidding. I am also not foolish enough to guarantee that we go there. But nothing would surprise me.

Also, after the next market crash, you will be ecstatic that you have tons of cash so you can invest in the next Great Bull Market. It will be spectacular, and could turn into the greatest Bull ever seen. You will have to keep tuned in here as I share more evidence before we start purchasing.

Meanwhile, forget about the leaders in the last bull market, because they never lead the next advance. I'll give you time to think.

April 30, 2013:
Lots of questions concerning how to be safe. Well, most of the conservative investors have taken their easy money from the past few years and sold all positions, even moving pensions into money market accounts. They are exstatic about their great gains and are more than happy to sit on the sidelines until another great buying opportunity appears.

For more active investors, they have banked profits by placing stop-loss orders as we go up. If you are still holding some stocks that have been trending up, you can do the same thing. Some aggresive traders have even shorted Gold Stocks, the weakest performers. And after the markets top, and begin to accelerate down, they will short everything.

That's how we bank profits and remain safe.

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