Life-Changing Bull Markets - 2017 -- Liftoff! Commodities Bottom!

Frank Spadafora

Find just 1 Bull Market to invest your money and your life will change forever. I invest for the long-term because it is the only way I will find stocks that go up 10, 50 or 100 times in value. Being a Contrarian fundamentally and a student of Technical Analysis is the only way you will ever choose to buy a stock near a bottom, keep some shares for years, and sell at parabolic highs when the public is euphoric. 'Follow the Money'.
Have fun!
Frank Spadafora.

Take a look at the last page or 2 for brand new stuff. You must prepare for bottoms long before they happen.

This is what I wrote 6 Months ago --'July 28, 2016: When Gold and Silver are in Bull Markets, they often have a fast, hard correction around this time of the year. Potential short term tops on GDX.'

Jan, 2017: Now have a look at GDX, as you will see a correction channel that worked perfectly for 6 months. It just broke out so we should buy like crazy. It could still dip to that line around $21, but could make new highs later. Please watch for that line to hold, as I would sell below that. It would mean a move all the way back down to last year's lows near $13 is still possible. With all the different charts, cycles and historical charts, I doubt it. This is really starting to smell like the 1970's.

How about commodities and especially Metals finally leading after many years in a Bear market! Check out 040 DBC and more charts on the last page. was a beast and almost as good as TECK.b, the best performer of 2016 on the TSX.

GDX: Oct 2015, Patiently waiting since last year when the only stock I held in the group was and still is DGC, Detour Gold. Let's find this year's Detour Gold. The one that quadrupled while Gold is still trending down.

Have a look at the last couple of pages, as I will be updating and adding stuff when I get a chance. And what does everyone think about Donnie Trump. I think he's an obnoxious ---, but he is having a nice honeymoon as it seems everything will go to the moon

131 $SPX - Monthly 2500 Target, if you can believe it.

Mar 17, 2013 update.

Well, here we are at the top line again. Will this mark a top? Will the Smart Money let the markets go a little higher just to get the public excited, and then pull the rug out from under us? We shall see. I'm not worried as I've been safe for quite some time.

Perhaps you're a great investor or trader, so you are currently sitting on all the great stocks that keep hitting new highs. That's great! Congratulations! Just make sure you keep those profits and exit near that top line. You see, we may be in for one of the greatest crashes the world has ever seen. Do you realize that the 100-year uptrend line on the DOW resides somewhere near 3000? I'm not kidding. I am also not foolish enough to guarantee that we go there. But nothing would surprise me.

Also, after the next market crash, you will be ecstatic that you have tons of cash so you can invest in the next Great Bull Market. It will be spectacular, and could turn into the greatest Bull ever seen. You will have to keep tuned in here as I share more evidence before we start purchasing.

Meanwhile, forget about the leaders in the last bull market, because they never lead the next advance. I'll give you time to think.

April 30, 2013:
Lots of questions concerning how to be safe. Well, most of the conservative investors have taken their easy money from the past few years and sold all positions, even moving pensions into money market accounts. They are exstatic about their great gains and are more than happy to sit on the sidelines until another great buying opportunity appears.

For more active investors, they have banked profits by placing stop-loss orders as we go up. If you are still holding some stocks that have been trending up, you can do the same thing. Some aggresive traders have even shorted Gold Stocks, the weakest performers. And after the markets top, and begin to accelerate down, they will short everything.

That's how we bank profits and remain safe.

135 $VIX - Monthly -- July 2016 - Buy the VIX

150 $USD - Breaks 101 and Target 110

Just remember one very important thing. When the markets eventually come down, the $USD will get a great pop as many still see it as the world's reserve currency. It's a known fact that in corrections people panic into what they see as safe havens, like the $USD and Bonds.

Ah, but look at my charts. I think the next time up is the last time for these items. That's right US Bonds and the Federal Reserve Note will go up one last time before collapsing.

200 $SSEC - July 2016 - Watch for Screaming Buy around 3050

June 24, 2013:
Sell below the broken line and await further updates. No worries as we always take our minor losses so that they cannot become huge losses that are difficult to overcome. When most markets have problems they artificially conspire to keep rates down. Please recall the 'Libor Rate Scandal' as Europe was collapsing, but bankers conspired to keep this rate down and were eventually caught, but of course, none went to jail. In China, it looks like they have to interest in manipulating things and perhpas they won't save their own banks. They may just let the free markets work. I thought that's the best way for all markets to work. Perhaps someone should mention that to the Powers-That-Be in the US. Meanwhile check out the link and especially look at the chart of the 'Shibor Rate'.

210 Tokyo Nikkei ($NIKK) NEW Bull Market 2013

300 APPL Target $140-150 - Met.... $200 Now???

301 Apple, - Wall Street makes 120 Bags

302 -- Biotech iShares (IBB) -- Just Like Techs in 2000?

400 RIMM - Monthly Buy below $10 Volume

410 Coffee - 2014 and 2016 - The Year of the Espresso!

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