Life-Changing Markets - 2018-- Blowoff Tops, Comms, Bitcoin, Weed, Gold...Easy Stuff!

Frank Spadafora

Find just 1 Bull Market to invest your money and your life will change forever. I invest for the long-term because it is the only way I will find stocks that go up 10, 50 or 100 times in value. Being a Contrarian fundamentally and a student of Technical Analysis is the only way you will ever choose to buy a stock near a bottom, keep some shares for years, and sell at parabolic highs when the public is euphoric. 'Follow the Money'.
Have fun!
Frank Spadafora.

Some markets going Parabolic, lead by the US. Buy everything! The best gains are made in the last few months of a Bull Market, so hold on tight. With everything working so perfectly, the news will be bright when the markets all top off. This should occur later this year.

Last year I said the following:
'And what does everyone think about Donnie Trump. I think he's an obnoxious ---, but he is having a nice honeymoon as it seems everything will go to the moon.'

BABA and NVDA providing better than 100% returns, and WTW around 500% and they are all still going. Sure you get some stop losses and few minor losers, but who cares.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have made all the insiders billions. Now that the public is in and it's all over the media, you will see a parabolic blowoff top. We got it covered. They already made 100 times their money.

Canadian Medical Marijuana stocks going parabolic as well. Is it the end or just a temporary high? After showing that same chart for years, Research in Motion, or Blackberry has finally bottomed. Just watch the charts.

Is anyone talking about bonds? Not too many, but for years I have been showing that chart with the 35 year Bull Market. It will be over soon, and people can't even imagine the destruction on the other side.

More charts coming, but sometimes I can't get them out there fast enough. Please make a lot of money fast for I fear later this year it will all top out. Later we could finally get that terrible crash.

Check those last 2 pages often for new stu

704 GDX - Buy for the First Time inYears

705 GDX Oct 2014 Crash below $20 - 2016 new Bull

Oct. 2014: Yes those previous charts were getting a little cramped. This weekly chart is quite clean. GDX got a huge bounce oct 8 on great volume. Is it a coincidence that this occurred within pennies of the low of last December, near $20? I think not. I bought some. I could be the beginnings of something big.

706 - Gold Miners (GDX) -1 year Tight Range Preceeds a Huge Move

709 - ELD.TO - A Decade of Great Trades

710 Eldorado Gold Corp. (EGO) - $1.10 Perfect?

710 Eldorado Gold Corp. (EGO) Monthly support levels

711 - Detour Gold Corp. $4 to $40? Really?

712 -- Detour Gold (DGC.TO) - Did you buy around $16?

715 - SAND - 2 year Bottom - $5 Break -- Nice

801 FM.TO - Jan 2016 Bottom? Wow.

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