Life-Changing Bull Markets - 2017 -- Liftoff! Commodities Bottom!

Frank Spadafora

Find just 1 Bull Market to invest your money and your life will change forever. I invest for the long-term because it is the only way I will find stocks that go up 10, 50 or 100 times in value. Being a Contrarian fundamentally and a student of Technical Analysis is the only way you will ever choose to buy a stock near a bottom, keep some shares for years, and sell at parabolic highs when the public is euphoric. 'Follow the Money'.
Have fun!
Frank Spadafora.

Take a look at the last page or 2 for brand new stuff. You must prepare for bottoms long before they happen.

This is what I wrote 6 Months ago --'July 28, 2016: When Gold and Silver are in Bull Markets, they often have a fast, hard correction around this time of the year. Potential short term tops on GDX.'

Jan, 2017: Now have a look at GDX, as you will see a correction channel that worked perfectly for 6 months. It just broke out so we should buy like crazy. It could still dip to that line around $21, but could make new highs later. Please watch for that line to hold, as I would sell below that. It would mean a move all the way back down to last year's lows near $13 is still possible. With all the different charts, cycles and historical charts, I doubt it. This is really starting to smell like the 1970's.

How about commodities and especially Metals finally leading after many years in a Bear market! Check out 040 DBC and more charts on the last page. was a beast and almost as good as TECK.b, the best performer of 2016 on the TSX.

GDX: Oct 2015, Patiently waiting since last year when the only stock I held in the group was and still is DGC, Detour Gold. Let's find this year's Detour Gold. The one that quadrupled while Gold is still trending down.

Have a look at the last couple of pages, as I will be updating and adding stuff when I get a chance. And what does everyone think about Donnie Trump. I think he's an obnoxious ---, but he is having a nice honeymoon as it seems everything will go to the moon

902 -- BABA - $80-85 then BOOM!

905 -- WTW - Another Rare Chart if $10 Holds

906 -- WTW - Breakout

910- URA - Global Uranium - 6 year Downtrend - Broken!

911 - URA - $11-15 and Boom!

911 - URA - $11-15 and Boom! Fantastic Winter Trade

920 -- TAN - Predicting 2017 or 2018's Best

922 - CSIQ - $2-44

923 - CSIQ - $13-16 for now - Diverge higher

Eldorado Gold Corp. (EGO) - $1.80 and Trying to Double Bottom

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