Blue Line Trading - Show Me The Money!

Glenn Sperry

Buy on the BLUE vertical line. Charts are sorted by date. S&P-500 market indicators are on the last page.

Simple trading rules:
1. Look for a strong up trend above 200 SMA and buy when price pulls back into a support level with the slow stochastic indicating over sold < 20.
2. Buy where retail traders place their stop loss orders and place your stop below that. The market goes where the volume is, taking out stop-loss orders, and then repeating the cycle.

1 out of 5 trades will probably fail so keep loss per trade to 0.5% to 1% of the account size.
Example: Loss limit $500 (0.5% of 100k): If stop is $0.80 below buy price, $500 / $0.80 = 625 shares. Buy 600 shares or less. If the stock sells at the stop price, the loss is < $500.

Exit short term trades when stochastic is overbought AND price is at a supply level.
Exit long term trades when price moves below 200 day MA, depending on market conditions.

The few penny stocks in this list are for speculation only and the position size is small. A total loss would be < 0.5% of the account.

20171229 TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. (AMTD)

20180110 Breathtec Biomedical, Inc. (BTHCF) Daily Chart

20180116 IBP - Installed Building Products Inc.

20180118 LQMT Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc.

20180122 CWH Camping World Holdings, Inc.

20180122 KMG - KMG Chemicals, Inc.

20180125 WGL - WGL Holdings Inc.

20180126 Universal Display Corp. (OLED)

20180131 AAL - American Airlines Group Inc.

20180131 CSL - Carlisle Cos, Inc.

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