(Buy and Hold) vs Market timing -General Market and Gold & Silver Mining Stocks

James Anderson

S&P Sector Analysis PG 1-3 for dailies and weeklies , Pg. 4 Gold & Silver mining stocks

Buy on all of the following conditions:

1. Can't buy or short if black adx line is below 20 in daily charts. ie trendless environment (reduces whipsaws)
2. Bullish ADX crossover
3. Price above BLUE colored moving average 15 day EMA
4. SAR dot is below current price
5. RSI crossing above 50
6. Bullish crossover on MACD
7. Aroon positive
Sell or Short when opposite conditions noted above

Blue rectangles shows buy Red rectangles shows short the market and Yellow shows neutral when ADX below 20 (trendless environment)

Not a recommendation to buy or sell see Stockcharts term s of use

ADZ.V - Daily Elder Impulse System, Landscape

AG - 1Monthly Elder Impulse System, 1024

AG - 2Weekly Elder Impulse System, Landscape

AG - Daily

Alexco 1Monthly AXU Impulse System, Landscape

Alexco 2Resource Corp. (AXU) Weekly

Alexco 3- (AXU)

ALO - 1Monthly Elder Impulse System, 1024

ALO - 2Weekly

ALO - 3Daily

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