Energy Market Summary

Tony Sciarrabba

Energy Market Summary for week ending Friday February 16, 2018:

WCS gains 10% on higher WTI and lower differential ... KMI cleared to start work on Burnaby Mountain ... as Burnaby launches another legal challenge ... TRP has good news for W. Cdn gas producers ... Marathon takes US$5B write-down on Albian Sands ... IEA raises red-flag on oversupply in oil markets

Complete summary:
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Pages: (1) Overview, Bonds & Currencies (2) Oil & Gas Prices (3) Equity Markets (4) Sector Performance
(5) Integrated & Majors (6) Midstream (7) Large Cap E&P (8) Energy Services (9) Refiners

0040 TSX vs S&P 500 Energy Sectors

0041 TSX Sector Performance: Offensive

0042 TSX Sector Performance: Defensive

0043 TSX Sector Performance: Commodities

0044 S&P 500 Sector Performance: Offensive

0045 S&P 500 Sector Performance: Defensive

0046 S&P 500 Sector Performance: Commodities

0047 TSX Energy

0048 S&P 500 Energy


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