Time Price Theory Charts - 6 Levels

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Price Pattern Coordinates Charts constructed with Time Price Theory measurements.

Time Price Theory provides six-dimensional measurements of price movements on multiple time scales simultaneously, enabling exact coordinates and events to be quantified, classified and analyzed on a relative basis. Positive movements are in an upward direction and trigger positive Time Price Events. Negative movements are in a downward direction and trigger negative Time Price Events.
These Events can occur on all six Time Price Levels and clearly illustrate price movements with GPS-like coordinates.
Level One is the most sensitive Time Price Level and reacts quickly to the slightest changes. Level Six reacts much more slowly and records the larger cumulative changes of price patterns.
As Einstein said, 'It's all relative...'.

U= Up or a positive Time Price. 1U=Level One is positive (MACD is Above the Signal Line), 2U= Level Two is positive etc...
D= Down or a negative Time Price. 1D=Level One is negative(MACD is Below the Signal Line), 2D=Level Two is negative etc...
The Lowest Time Price is 6DB. All six levels are negative & the Signal Lines are all Below Zero.
The Highest Time Price is 6UA. All six levels are positive & the Signal Lines are all Above Zero.
Usually, the Time Price is a mix of positive and negative readings such as: 6UA 2DA or 4UA 6DB or 1UB 6DB etc....
There are a multitude of possible readings, especially when taking into account the arrangement of and relationship to
the Fibonacci Moving Average lines. The longer averages can provide some reliable price targets.

TIME PRICE EVENTS are indicated by an 'X' on the day they happened. Positive Time Price Events: UX=MACD crosses above Signal Line. The number preceding the UX indicates the Time Price Level on which the event occurred. DX=MACD crossed below Signal Line. MUX = MACD crossed above Zero. MDX= MACD crossed below Zero. SUX=Signal crossed above Zero...
For more info: see the books 'Timing the Market: The Theory of Time Pri


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