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Cycle Analysis
Market Timing

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[01] Indicator.Volatility Index-New Methodology.Index

[02] NYSE McClellan Oscillator (Ratio Adjusted) EOD Index

[03] NYSE Summation Index (Ratio Adjusted) EOD

[04] S&P 100 - % of Stocks Above 200 SMA (EOD)

[10] Equity.Domestic.Broad Market.TotalStockMarketIndex.BullBear.15Year

[11] Equity.Domestic.Broad Market.TotalStockMarketIndex.BullBear.3Year

[12] Equity.Domestic.Broad Market.TotalStockMarketIndex.DailyTrendAnalytics

[20] Equity.Foreign.EAFE.MSCI Index.BullBear.15Year

[21] Equity.Foreign.EAFE.MSCI Index.BullBear.3Year

[22] Equity.Foreign.EAFE.MSCI Index.DailyTrendAnalytics

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