Market Trend Indicator (MTI) Composite Model

Paul Gire

These charts represent the 21 indicators that make up the Market Trend Indicator (MTI). The purpose of this indicator is to provide actionable buy and sell signals for investors using the S&P 500. The primary objective is to avoid the periodic bear market declines that can be devastating to ones wealth. Though a number of the indicators are themselves short-term, the model is optimized to reduce the number of trades, though of course, trendless and fast moving markets environments will tend to increase the number of trades.

Market commentary is provided in the first chart and a summary of recent MTI signals can be found in the second chart. The charts that follow are for each of the individual indicators that make up the Composite.

3.41 - $SPXA150R - Weekly

3.42 - $NYA200R - Weekly

Breadth Indicator:

3.44 - !ADLINENYC - Weekly

3.44 - !ADRATNYC - Weekly

* Both the ratio and CCI must be in agreement for new signal.

3.46 - !PMOAZSPX - Weekly

Breadth Indicator:

3.46 - !PMOAZSPX - Weekly #2

Breadth Indicator:

3.47 - $SPXA150R - Monthly

3.48 - !PMOAZSPX - Monthly

Breadth Indicator:

3.48 - !PMOAZSPX - Monthly #2

Breadth Indicator:

3.50 - SPY - HLP,BP, Momentum - Weekly

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