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Learn chart signals from the author of 'Successful Stock Signals' published by Wiley. Learn how to use technical, fundamental and quantitative signals from a professional who taught professional portfolio managers how to use this research. Learn how to use Demand/Supply, Implied Return and a quantitative grade from 0 to 100 that does all of this for you. Follow his free postings at Learn how to become a pro and it is all free! Learn how to trade and invest using signals, not emotions or stock tips. DISCLAIMER we are not financial advisers and never recommend buying or selling any stock. Any comments are for educational purposes. Technical signals are frequently wrong and reverse themselves. You use our charts and comments at your own risk. We are not responsible for sudden changes in signals. You must do your own due diligence and use a professional financial adviser for your trades and investments. Our SID grade and implied return use both technical and fundamental research that can be wrong.We have no way of controlling such errors and are not responsible when they occur. Any questions please contact us at

FB - Weekly Candlesticks, 700

FBDaily Candlesticks, 700

9/16 Demand has dropped below the line into Supply.
Price is dropping to test support at S1, or S2, or the 50 day m.a., or the last low at 165
The pullback has triggered our buy on weakness signal.
It still has our most important buy/hold signal with a passing grade of 78 out of 100
It still has our Implied Return buy signal of 24.3%.
Last week it was under-performing the market.
12/6 buy on weakness signal at 175
1/11/18 demand dropping after making a new high at 190
2/6/18 Buy On weakness signal at 178

FLS - Flowserve Corp.

GOOGL - Default Style

HAL - Daily Candlesticks, 700

HAL - Monthly Candlesticks, 700

HAL - Weekly Candlesticks, 700

HD - Default Style

HLT - Default Style

INTC - Default Style

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