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10/16- U.S. and global markets have continued a slow but steady ascent higher. Sometimes it's easy to try to make things too complicated, but in this case, it certainly doesn't have to be. There is no doubt that this move has gone on for a lot longer than most anyone could have expected, but it doesn't matter when you are listening to the message of the charts. Our trading board is littered with double digit gains as we participate in the biggest moves this one-directional market has to offer. Come see for yourself!

Below you can see the 30,000-foot view Elliott Wave pattern of every ETF we follow. Every trade you take, even if you are day trader, should keep the long-term perspective in mind to make sure you're not swimming against the current. These are the ETFs we actively trade at, and we are consistently riding the biggest trends out there. That's how we've returned 517 percentage points since the start of 2013. Come check it out for yourself, free 1-week trial at

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