3Xtraders 2.0 - Charts of Doom

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Welcome to 3XTraders Public Stock Charts. I've decided to include mostly long term chart views this time, so folks can see the forest through the trees.
Extremely Bearish long term. I'm a seller of #FakeNews hype, and engineered market bubbles. Timing?
Follow me @3Xtraders - Trade at your own risk - read my bullet proof disclaimer posted on the website.
Legends on trend lines are as follows: Pink - key support or stop hunts. Blue - channels, trends, and bullish patterns. Purple - consolidation patterns. Red - resistance. Green - support. Grey - Fibonacci tools


1h Bank Index - Philadelphia ($BKX) 1 yr DCS

2. S&P 500 Large Cap Index ($SPX) long term

3m German DAX Composite (EOD) ($DAX) DCS

American Income Fund Inc. (MRF) 7 year

Bank Index - Philadelphia ($BKX) 15 yr

Dow Jones Greece Stock Index ($GRDOW) Greece

Dow Jones Spain Stock Index ($ESDOW) Spain

French CAC 40 Index ($CAC)

FTSE MIB (Milan) Index (EOD) ($MIB) 20 year (weekly)

German DAX Composite (EOD) ($DAX) 20 yr Trend

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